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Comment Re:Applies to all events? (Score 1) 194

I mean social media is so built into our lives I mean look at X-Men trailer they released it on facebook and was trending in minutes just shows you how social media is built into life. Many of my customers don't even call the office they just message me on facebook. Way of the world now a days.

Comment Re:Beware of Microsofties bearing gifts (Score 1) 535

Microsoft is using same strategy then used with the pc market they try to be cheaper the everyone and make there software work on all platforms and it's not a strategy that's working. I think Microsoft is making their best possible move, given the situation. I mean they need to get some share of the marketspace this might e there best chance for it.

Comment Re:Out of jobs? (Score 1) 736

I went to a tech college and my instructed said it best "Your all here because you want to be skilled workers you don't want to work on the assembly line, you want to be the guy fixing the machines on the assembly line". Technology does put unskilled labors out of work the toll booth collector got replaced with the ezpass IT Guy. The factory worker got replaced with the electrician and machine mechanic job. Technology puts skilled labors to work.

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