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Comment: Re:Capitalism (Score 2, Insightful) 660

by alexmin (#42197455) Attached to: If Tech Is So Important, Why Are IT Wages Flat?

Take it from someone born and raised under "developed socialism" - it was the same there too. In fact, the best mass occupation in USSR were taxi driver, waiter, butcher - because they dealt with hard cash. Engineers and programmers were making about 150 rubles per month in 1980s. Pair of jeans cost 200 rubles back then.
Whoever has modded your comment "insightful" is a cretin.

Comment: Ah, Pat Quinn... (Score 1) 386

by alexmin (#42164083) Attached to: Khan Academy: the Future of Taxpayer Reeducation?

The one who got fired by late Chicago mayor Harold "Mirth & Girth" Washington for nothing less than "incompetence".
The one who orchestrated increased state dipping into taxpayer pockets by 60% this year and managed to literally blow it all away on kickbacks to his SEIU buddies.
Tell me about what he think is right - it's rock-solid endorsement for exactly opposite course of action.

p.s Google "Mirth & Girth" - prime time entertainment.

Comment: Re:Wait until the end of Obama II (Score 1) 421

by alexmin (#41952953) Attached to: Amid Fiscal Uncertainty, Venture Capital Is Way Down In Silicon Valley

Looks like you still do not get it. The cuts will not be "for a reason". Simply, there will be no money. I know, it's hard to imagine US government being out of money but this happened to many "great countries" of the past. Just ask Germans, or Russians, or Brits.
I have lived through one of those moments. You apparently did not. There is no "reason", or "cause", or "justice". At that point it's only about "surviving". It's not pretty. Until then enjoy your ivory tower.

Comment: Wait until the end of Obama II (Score 0) 421

by alexmin (#41952737) Attached to: Amid Fiscal Uncertainty, Venture Capital Is Way Down In Silicon Valley

By that time US will accumulate another $4-6T of debt which will put total at about 130% GDP. There is no way to 'grow economy" out of that much debt so market for US goverment securities will cease (both federal and state/municipal.) At that point politicians will have only three options left: 1) _drastically_ cut welfare entitlements; 2) print more money; 3) all of the above. I bet on option 3, which means Inflations (capitalized on purpose.)

At this point hoarding money will become a losing proposition big time.

Comment: Cringely is an idiot who cannot do math (Score 1) 795

by alexmin (#41783797) Attached to: Cringley: H-1B Visa Abuse Limits Wages and Steals US Jobs

Disclosure: Ex-H1B here.
People coming on H1B are in great majority just starting their prime productive years. Each of them represents about $500K in brain and muscles which US people are getting at slightly negative price. Each of them represents about $2M to $5M future lifetime earnings. A lot of them will also bring their inheritance later in life which may be 100s of $K. That's the reason why other countries are crying out loud about "brain drain".
I'm sure, some dumbfsck that thought that his US birth certificate entitles him to $70K/y for life will find what he's worth when hes job is taking by H1B. However, US people at large should be kissing H1B's assess - literally.

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