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Comment Re:Why .Net? (Score 1) 247

People coming from the CS background just hate Fortran, but that thing just doesn't go away. Physics and Math people love it.

The performance excuse is mostly excuse, you can have pretty much the same performance with C or well-made C++. The fact is that it's easier to come from a mathematical model to code in fortran than in C.

Comment Re:Why .Net? (Score 1) 247

That depends on the small world you live at.

PHP WAS used for those things. People moved to ruby, python, etc. Which is bad, now when finally php does not suck anymore.

C is HUGE. The open-source world is C. Everything unix is C. Pretty much every compiler for other language is C. The embedded world is C as well.

Fortran is not legacy AT ALL. In my world, which is that of Supercomputing, about one third of new codes is in FORTRAN. It is simpler for the people in Math and physics fields to use it and achieve high speed using hundreds of thousand processors. (the other two thirds are roughly C and C++).

Perl and python are used for data analysis in science. And some R.

Python is used everywhere in Linux distributions.

Functional languages are used in wall street.

You can't even compare those with stuff like cold fusion.

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