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Comment: Wha? (Score 2) 234

by (#37952366) Attached to: Mathematically Pattern-Free Music
It would help if there were some definitions for "random" and "pattern-free" in this context. I find it annoying that he several times says that random music is not pattern-free.

It is true that their definitions are not equivalent, but it seems that he is implying that you cannot generate "pattern-free" music using randomly played notes, and that -depending of the definition of "pattern-free" of course- seems very, very unlikely.

Still, I can appreciate the effort to maximize information entropy, and the divulgation of discrete math.
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PS3 Owner Refunded For Missing "Other OS" 353

Posted by kdawson
from the making-good dept.
Toxicgonzo writes "Amazon has given a European PS3 owner a 20% refund for removal of the PS3's OtherOS feature. (We recently discussed hacker Geohot's efforts to restore this feature.) The owner cited European law Directive 1999/44/EC — which states that goods must (1) comply with the description given by the seller and possess the same qualities and characteristics as other similar goods, and (2) be fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase. How many other European PS3 owners will follow suit? If Amazon forwards the bill to Sony, how will Sony respond?"

Comment: Re:The comet's shape (Score 1) 108

by (#29414075) Attached to: Captured Comet Becomes Moon of Jupiter
Well, my reply was actually tongue-in-cheek because of the generality of my definition (used in algebra). I assumed the OP was talking about the integers, not the natural numbers. The integers are an integral domain, so the definition of primality becomes the one for integral domains.

So no, it's not redundant, given the conditions I assumed (I feel I have to say it explicitly this time :-P)

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