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Comment: Re:800MM seems impossibly low (Score 2, Funny) 88

by Alan Warrick (#46608327) Attached to: Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing
This should be thrown out of court. Apple is too big to fine. It would shake consumer confidence. If anything I think they need a bailout so that they do not have to resort to these unfair and unethical practices. I think that also Apple should be declared a official State to offer sovereign immunity to protect against any further lawsuits.. I also think they should rescind any legislature that allows for oversight of apple's finances and tax havens. Please vote for me I'm running for Congress 2k16. I please donate towards my campaign, I will guarantee a ROI of 20:1 for all contributions above 1mil.

Comment: Re:Autodesk has 3 Animation packages (Score 1) 85

by Alan Warrick (#46436243) Attached to: Autodesk Says It's Killing Softimage Development, Support

Autodesk has 3 Animation packages: Maya, Softimage, 3d MAX. Autodesk long ago promised to consolidate all 3 packages into one.

I'm not really in the know about the software packages but from my perspective it looked like once they acquired all 3 they basically dramatically slowed new features anyhow.

Comment: Re:Replace Idiot with Incompetent (Score 1) 384

Outline cases where the project has been or is being adversely affected by negligence or incompetence. Provide measures to correct the issue via further documentation if part of your consultation is dependent on the projects success (if it can be saved). Otherwise you should have had performance reviews to gauge how the project is performing. If you are just providing technical direction disregard everything above and offer to provide the incompetent employee training on how to fuck his wife.

Comment: Re:Boohoo (Score 1) 439

by Alan Warrick (#45736099) Attached to: US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil
Remember citizens who needs money when you can buy food with secrets.... Wait... Walmart doesn't list secrets as a form of payment. On the bright side though the NSA should be able to warn companies in advanced when foreign companies are going to drop US vendors.. for a little while.. oh wait too late.

Comment: Re:well... (Score 1) 123

by Alan Warrick (#45695253) Attached to: Stats: 507MM LOC, 6.8MM Kids, 2K YouTube Views
True but you are not fully realizing the potential new market of child labor programming camps. We will have to call it a school or something. Then we will have to make continuing educational "unpaid internships" for the ones who show expertise. Meanwhile this will also help to devalue the programmers as a resource and thus further increasing profitability.

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