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Comment: Who is watching the blind watchdogs? (Score 1) 1

by aisnota (#46217113) Attached to: How Online Clues Located North Korea's Missile-Launcher Factories

Figures that while Americans are surveilled heavily, this at almost no cost gets missed.

We are too busy looking for fake threats here and a cited nation of concern readies a force delivery system of real concern from afar.

If our cyber warfare advocates were effective, these trucks would have failed to be constructed or broke down during the parade.

Who is the proper people that should run the intelligence apparatus?

Not the ones that perjury in front of Congress's hearings becomes a Modus Operandi as they should resign now.

+ - MRI technology to sit or standup opens up multiple sclerosis diagnosis->

Submitted by aisnota
aisnota (98420) writes "FONAR has opened up the idea of multiple sclerosis diagnosis via MRI where you stand or sit in a chair. This is versus the original mode of being locked into a tunnel of magnets for long periods of time as a contrast with this multiple sclerosis as a disease before being so very difficult to determine by physicians.

With these advances, you would think the processes like this would reduce the cost of blind medical care."

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Comment: Re:DARPA - It is too late - Adversaries Got It! (Score 1) 87

by aisnota (#44568291) Attached to: DARPA Fears Big Data Could Become Big Threat

So you think that they have not already been doing this, even pre-big data?

> DARPA is worried about. there are 4 main motivations used by agents to motivate their assets to spy:
> 1. greed,
> 2. revenge,
> 3. idealism,
> 4. blackmail.
> more data

Several of the scandalous situations revolve around our military personal compromised as assets of an opposition. This will only repeat more efficiently with big data at the forefront as the toolbox.

But those tools are out there now, the big data sets in many cases are even built in another country.

So that ship has sailed.


Comment: DARPA - It is too late - Adversaries Got It! (Score 2) 87

by aisnota (#44567081) Attached to: DARPA Fears Big Data Could Become Big Threat

Considering all the discussions about 'big data' and DARPA is actually in this rare instance way behind the curve.

My own data analysis of what has happened says that the combination of processing and storage in the potential adversarial hands is so great, a set of counter measures is really hard to find now.

There are extrinsic factors, but DARPA is far from the right theoretical understanding. Albeit, the DARPA research that helped propel big data, the ARPA-NET has spawned so much, so quickly it is nearly hopeless and now requires a brand new paradigm to get that tiger by the tail for security.

FYI, make sure Snowden gets a pardon as soon as possible, that will help!

Comment: Whois change like this? No, no and double no! (Score 1) 155

by aisnota (#44112375) Attached to: ICANN Working Group Seeks To Kill WHOIS

Centralized data store maintained by a third party? What is this another gambit to help before the chronicles of whistle-blower releases reaches the next stage?

What a farce!

Encourage all and any participants voting on this one to slam the door shut and to suspect those proposing this centralization.

Centralization is the gateway drug to tyranny!

Comment: As long as 'Advertisement' or designated, FTC? (Score 1) 230

Hey, this looks like just another white wash of the whole online space by the FTC. They fail to enforce a variety of rules then come up with a smokescreen one like this story highlights. Sure the FTC is supposed to watch out. But in this case, it is a non-problem, also known as a 'red herring' on their part.

+ - Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning demonstrate attacker advantage->

Submitted by aisnota
aisnota (98420) writes "

In this story, we have two individuals, Edward J. Snowden and Bradley Manning. We also have a fairly large organization that first trusted, then persecuted them. We can call this “the U.S. Military,” “the U.S. Government,” “the Obama Administration” or “the Intelligence Community.” However, all of these terms, I think, suggest a level of uniformity that doesn’t really exist. The various departments involved seem to operate more as fiefdoms than as cogs in a massive and efficient machine. Why?

RJS Smart Security decomposes the nature of attacker versus defender, on how the former is generally in possession of the upper hand over the latter.

Before going to far mind you, note that the responsible parties to uphold security in each case have been left out of the public discussion. So while the press vilifies them, the upper ranking officials are left without even the slightest hint of their role revealed, prosecuted or even reviewed publicly.

Iteratively spoken well here, the blog entry describes this weakness quite well on the part of the a less than cohesive government in general terms continuously disadvantaged by such actions.


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Comment: Milliseconds and Wind Turbines (Score 1) 103

Quantum Communications is the technology that games changes the current physics everyone! So Iowa wii retain the millisecond advantage despite your thoughts.

Iowa has clear footprints from a dominate market share situation.

Of the major cloud players or economic participants:
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. IBM Dubuque and yet to be announced
4. Microsoft
5. Terremark TDS

Absent but probably wondering or searching for Iowa locations:
1. Rackspace
2. Apple
3. Amazon
4. Hewlett Packard and its EDS division with Des Moines hub now

Iowa counts on a per capita basis number 1 in wind power.

Per capita basis data center builds also close or at #1 also, the digital computer or ABC was invented in Iowa so perhaps this is a punctuation mark from that historical fact.

Downside, well site selection will shrink as each new major entrant comes into play.

Comment: NASA/DARPA and making the world better - openness (Score 2) 22

by aisnota (#42743903) Attached to: DARPA Open Source Security Helped FreeBSD, Junos, Mac OS X, iOS

The model had to be driven by someone, in this case DARPA or other contributors pushed ahead to validate it.

Then more importantly, opening it up for adoption as much in science gets built upon.

Right now our economy would be even better if more were declassified, made open as possible, read NASA in its ideal and spun out to create more jobs/technologies/societal benefits.

If only the US would also advertise this as a contribution it makes all the time in the world to some less open societies, we would really be happening!

Oh yes, you would probably have a higher paycheck and we could discuss real vacations for the ordinary citizen too.

Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 292

by aisnota (#42325435) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should Scientists Build a New Particle Collider In Japan?

As much as Japan has wonderful people.

Too many earthquakes make such a colossal collider feasible on those islands. Every site along the Pacific Rim of fire ought to be off limits for world class facilities in the world of science excepting those studying earthquakes or tsunami of course.

Comment: Re:Depends .... story needs read! (Score 0, Offtopic) 291

by aisnota (#42165129) Attached to: Should Inventions Be Automatically Owned By Your Employer?

Who Owns Evan Brown's Brain?

The legal filings of the lawsuit DSC Communications v. Evan Brown are provided on this web site.

It takes a lot of searching the records to find the abuses of the court.

One of the first abuses is recorded in the transcript of the hearing on April 30, 1997 (Motion for Protective Order pg26:16). Judge Roach's statement also clearly shows he was communicating with DSC's attorneys in violation of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures. Judge Roach personally owned shares of stock in DSC yet he ruled on evidence and testimony while in direct violation of the Texas Constitution. Note: The Texas Court of Appeals ruled Judge Roach to be disqualified and all his orders were ruled void.

The case was assigned to Judge Henderson after the Court of Appeals issued their ruling on Judge Roach.

Judge Henderson violated the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures when issued an Agreed Scheduling Order despite my objections. The scheduling order put me to a disadvantage due to my lack of knowledge and experience with the legal system. Judge Henderson denied my April 8,2002 3rd Request for Discovery to Plaintiff and 2nd Request for Interrogatories to Plaintiff due to my misunderstanding of the scheduling order.

Judge Henderson denied my 2nd Motion for Summary Judgement in violation of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures because DSC/Alcatel failed to file a Response to Motion for Summary Judgement. Judge Henderson granted DSC's Motion for Summary Judgement despite the presence of material fact issues. Judge Henderson issued a Final Judgement disposing of the lawsuit after granting DSC's Motion for Summary Judgement for Breach of Contract despite the fact that DSC had several other claims in their Amended Original Petition.

The Jury Fee was paid to the court for a jury trial yet there was no jury. Judge Henderson abused the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures again by personally evaluating the facts and testimony of the parties and personally ruling on the fact issues presented. As a result, an undeveloped thought in a persons mind is now qualified by the Texas courts to be an invention. As a result, if you receive compensation (pay check) all your thoughts (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) belong to your employer.

DSC Communications was a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and there is no reference to any product sales of software reverse engineering services or product in any of their SEC filings or other company literature, yet Judge Henderson ruled that my idea was along the line of work or business.

The Texas Court of Appeals denied my appeal which was based in part on Judge Hendersons violations of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures. The Texas State Supreme Court denied my petition for review as allowed by the Texas Legislature. Texas State Supreme Court is allowed to pick and choose what cases they wish to hear. The Texas State Supreme Court is the body that created the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures and is the body that enforces those rules.

The long and short of the seven years I spent in litigating this case is that there is no justice in Texas courts. Judge Henderson violates the rules, the Court of Appeals chooses not to rule on the lower court rules violations, and the Texas State Supreme Court chooses to turn a blind eye to the lower courts abuses.

One story I've heard over the years is that in Texas, businesses contribute substantially to the reelection campaigns of judges even though many judges run for election un-opposed.

The TV program "60 Minutes" has documented many of the problems with Texas courts and judges in the past and nothing has changed to correct the abuses.

It is my belief that justice is forsale in Texas.

Work in Texas at your own risk

If you are a creative thinker and problem solver, you are much better off working in California where you have some protection from your employer.

Comment: Re:iPad and Dropbox! (Score 3, Informative) 180

by aisnota (#42158221) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tablets For Papers; Are We There Yet?

iPad App's for BYOD Legal or just student uses. All of them are Apple VPP US/UK vetted, but I am not sure if my notes for the other side of the pond make sense in the context of your publication plan, left in for reference none-the-less and have sold 1,000 or more in that program, make sense for legal papers, term papers with Klammer more of an integration bridge to the Windows world.

1: Cymbol £1.49 / $1.99
-- Finally Pilcrow , Section , Trademarks ®, Superscripts and with much more easily tied with your favorite App's on the iPad (Keynote/Pages/Mail/Numbers/Notes/iDraw/iAWriter), with Unicode2Glyph conversion!


2. iAnnotate £6.99 / $9.99
Personal favorite for speed, iAnnotate PDF is the most powerful annotation application for the iPad bar none from much experience by yours truly.


3. Klammer £0.69 / $0.99
Open EML, Winmail.dat and MSG files (MSG support via in-app purchase) on iPad and view their contents and attachments. All that business communication your device did not view in the Mail application is now accessible to you with just one touch.


4. Dropbox Free plus storage
Any file you save to your Dropbox is accessible from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website! But the key is mobile tablets and across Linux to other platforms via that web interface.


Does that outline what you should have now?

If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for. -- W.C. Fields