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Comment Re:Wankers! (Score 1) 105

I recommend just using a white list if it is that important to you. Blocked site includes a link to submit a site for review to be whitelisted. You could optionally review a week or month worth of web traffic and see what sites are hit the most often and add those to the whitelist ahead of time. Regardless it ends up being pretty much self policing. People won't request access to a site that they know is going to be reviewed first if they know it is not allowed at work. Review of submissions can be however frequent you think is reasonable, with the user having the onus to escalate if the need to view a new site is urgent.

Comment Re:Overlooking one small detail... (Score 3, Insightful) 343

That's not a small detail. That is exactly why all the posturing about "needing to do something" is all bull. Yes, it sucks that crimes, especially violent crimes, happen. But you literally cannot prevent them. Prosecute people according to the law and do your best to be vigilant in the legal enforcement of the law. Don't try to pass additional laws as if they can stop these things from happening. They can't. Even if you outlaw guns, it will happen just like this. Even if you outlaw Islam. Even if you outlaw people being in the streets at night. And based on wanting to protect my freedom, I'd rather not be breaking the law by walking around outside with or without my gun. So stop trying to pull this BS. Republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives...just STOP.

Comment Re:Sheesh (Score 4, Insightful) 35

It's more like if you leave a shim in a door on your way out of a light bulb plant, then later come back and use that door to gain access and then proceed to smash hundreds of bulbs. The shim wasn't what destroyed the light bulbs, but it sure did come in handy to let you do it when you wanted to. If the shim placed in the door then sprung to life at a predetermined time and went about smashing bulbs on its own, then that would be akin to what they were originally thinking. Overall it doesn't matter too much to the crime committed, but from a technological standpoint it means the malware had less complex behavior built into it than they were giving it credit for.

Comment Re:wah wah wah clickbait (Score 1) 400

yeah that was pretty annoying. But I've rationalized it as the technology of the day (way better than what we have) they were far more scientific about the force than yoda and obi wan were about it in the originals. Perhaps midichlorians are just a physical by-product of the actual Force being present in you. But once New Hope comes around remaining Jedi have accepted that faith in the Force is more important than trying to understand it at that level. I know it's a stretch. But hey...

Comment Re:damn contractors (Score 1) 92

I've seen quite a few examples of this outside of the military as well. The bigger the contractor and the bigger the project the closer it gets to guaranteed failure. Generally it starts with a complete vaporware sales job without an ounce of true understanding of if they can actually build whatever it is within the timeframe required. Then they may throw some "star" players in at the beginning to get things going while they build a much larger team of barely able to feed themselves noobs earning nearly minimum wage (likely plucked off the street and run through a boot camp on how to be a consultant) so that they can charge a bunch of hours before the customer can realize it is doomed. I assume this scales up dramatically with military contractors in basically the same way.

Comment Re:Everybody wants to be a middleman (Score 1) 181

in this case they're providing design/architectural services in addition to bringing developers to the table to do the actual coding. But while you can't automate that, if the coders just have to know how to do those design/architectural services or if that part gets Gigstered out too, then it could be all automated.

Comment Re:Why IoT ? (Score 1) 68

even though this whole branch of the replies is in jest, there are many drones available that can carry a brick. Specifically getting one designed to carry and drop something may reduce the field of available options, but still there and commercially available. Still...requires relatively (compared to internet) close physical presence.

Comment Re:Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

Not sensible at all. Make it illegal to carry a gun outside the home and locked away from usefulness in defense is NOT sensible in anyway. At what point would that have stopped the San Bernardino? They could have had all their guns locked away right up till they loaded them and brought them to the party. And the same exact thing would have happened.

Comment Re:Where there's smoke, there's fire (Score 1) 233

He still hasn't actually given them all raises to $70K. It's a 3 year plan where at the end everyone will have a minimum of $70K salary. He cut his salary, mortgaged his property and sold all his investments to add cash to the company bottom line. He will be lucky if the company survives three years if he actually lives up to his promise.

Comment Re:I feel bad for the employees (Score 1) 233

They just need to be worried about what happens when in the midst of the 3 year plan costs exceed revenue due to flattening revenue growth or increased employee count to cover existing revenue growth. Altruism whether real or imagined won't keep them from being laid off when there is no money to pay them.

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