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Submission + - VR project lets users experience 9/11 (

dmleonard618 writes: Virtual reality is opening all kinds of cool new possibilities in the world of gaming, and other applications, but this new virtual reality project is using VR reality in a completely different, and possibly odd way. This narrative-driven VR experience for the Oculus Rift lets users experience what it was like inside the World Trade Center during 9/11. I'm all for virtual reality, but seriously, who would want to live or relive these events?

Comment Re:Model Uncertainties are understated (Score 1) 249

No need for forgiveness. Modeling what may happen with this level of abstract data is good for planning contingencies. What if scenarios sometimes have no precedent. It is a complete farce to use it to promote carbon taxation because that implies that they actually know what will truly positively affect the climate change that they are modeling. Bringing this back to Slashdot, this is therefore classified as FUD.

Comment Re:Diversity is not a virtue (Score 1) 265

I agree. It's certainly fine for google to see that statistic and do some due diligence to make sure their are not any issues in their hiring managers/process. But the answer is almost certainly in the available pool of people who apply. I'd definitely be interested to see the percentage of people who applied that are white vs black, male vs female. If those percentages are way different than their work force make-up, then maybe there's something more to look at. However you'd then have to investigate a large number of individual examples to see if qualifications and interview results show a valid reason for the difference. All-in-all the likelihood that it involves racist HR/hiring managers at google is extremely unlikely.

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