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In my case back in high school, I went to the principal several times. The last day it happened, I punched the bully. We ended up in teh office and the principal outright lied and said he hadn't spoken to me yesterday about this very issue. Further, they suspended me for throwing the first punch... because I couldn't prove the guy had pushed me from behind. Taught me a lesson. Screw the authorities. If you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, you may as well do.

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by ai4px (#46756931) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt
Ohh and from the same episode involving the first time home buyers tax credit, since my ex and I filed as married that tax year (we divorced that same year and I didn't realize we had to file as single), AND I'd gotten the home buyer tax credit, that money had to be paid back. No problem... if it's due, it's due. I paid it back and 3 years of penalties and interest. OK. The IRS continues to garnish $250 a year from the ex's income tax returns since that was the original payback schedule for that tax credit. She's gone to them with the cancelled check showing the debt was paid and they won't accept it. She's asked that they look at the tax year in which I repaid the debt and they say they can't since we're weren't married in that year. So she's stuck for the next 15 years paying back a debt that's already satisfied.

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Even more fun.... I was audited by the IRS a few years ago and they asked for documentation 2-1/2 years past the filing date. I sent them paperwork as requested. They sent me letter after letter saying they were over worked and needed 45 additional days. Come July 27 of the following year (3 years 3 months form the filing date), they sent me a bill. I objected to the bill because they had negated my claim of head of household. They said sorry charlie, you can't make changes to your tax return after 3 years... but THEY DID. They said it was their rule and it only applied to the tax payer, not to them. seriously. Also, I sent them a check once. It was delivered on thier requested due date. I sent it by USPS and it was post marked two days prior. They charged me a late fee. When I showed them their policy about USPS vs FEDEX/UPS and the postmark being a legal date, they said that didn't apply. The date used was when the check cleared the bank. They don't even follow their own rules.

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Until you make enough money so that the fee your accountant charges isn't deductible... nor is child care credit... meanwhile the person dressed up as the statue of liberty on the side of the street is giving away $9600 a pop of (un)earned income credit to people who had more kids than they can afford. I'm supposed to feel good about taking care of my fellow (irresponsible) man.

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I got a letter from the IRS in 1993 that said they'd found a math error on my 1040. I had over paid my tax by $17. Some months later I got a letter from a different department of the IRS saying that since my 1040 had been altered after April 15th, there was a $20 penalty. I owed them $3. I spoke to several layers of supervisors and finally one of them told me that they would waive anything less than $5. I never paid that "debt". Only the IRS can turn +17 into -3.

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What about the other pings? What angle did they come from? What degree of uncertainty is there in the receiving phased array on the bird? My current hypothesis is that they fly south easterly to Sri Lanka and then skirted the west coast of India and landed in coastal Iran. My (primitive) calculations say that's possible. If the last ping was heard at approx 40 from the Inmarsat located at 25 E, that would place them in the area of southern Iran, which supports my hypothesis from last week which was based solely on the distance they could fly.

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