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Comment Re:Prime Scalia - "Words no longer having meaning" (Score 1) 591 591

The writers of the law clearly wanted to establish state exchanges for any state that wanted them, and a federal exchange for any state that didn't want to roll its own, and that all of these exchanges do the same thing.

Never mind the fact that Gruber said explicitly that the point of not offering subsidy money to residents of states w/o an exchange was to coerce the states into created the exchanges.

A slippery slope indeed when the judicial branch interprets laws intent rather than the words written. But did we really expect they would force the federal government to stop providing bread and circuses to the plebs?

Comment Re: Speed up claims processing? (Score 1) 54 54

Back in 1989 in Charleston SC many houses were damaged by hurricane hugo. The roof would get ripped open and the rain would pour in. Insurance companies were denying claims to water damage by saying the people didn't have flood insurance... but the water damage wasn't from flood, it was secondary because the roof was ripped off. Many of those insurance companies went out of business. Word spread and no one would touch them with a 10 foot pole. Now we have an oligarchy of insurance companies. Tangentially.... As evil as people say Wal Mart is, the fact of the matter is after Hugo they sold generators and other supplies at a loss in order to help.

Comment Re:And what a direction! (Score 2) 198 198

I remember having WMC on Vista back in 2008. I had DTV tuners and told it to record a TV show off air for me. It allowed it to be scheduled but when time came to record, it did not due to DRM. Gotta love it! Also I bought a media extender that wouldn't work over 802.11G, it required N at the time....another bone head move. Kodi for me now.

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 1) 678 678

I've heard Utah is one of those states where water cisterns are illegal. I can't understand that at all. They are worried (as I understand it) that if everyone collected water there'd be no water in the wells. OK, but what about the ratio of my roof to all the land around my house? How many square feet of roof vs square miles of land does rain fall on? Would it even make a difference in the ground water? Did I miss something?

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