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Comment: We've really gotten wrapped around the axle (Score 2) 96

by ai4px (#48016329) Attached to: Mobile Phone Use Soon To Be Allowed On European Flights
We've really gotten wrapped around the axle on this whole electronic devices on aircraft thing. The local oscillator of an ordinary FM radio receiver is 10.7mhz above the indicated frequency... which makes 100mhz on your FM dial 110.7mhz... which meant there was a carrier in the middle of the COM/NAV band that aircraft use. So we had to (understandably) prevent FM radios from operating on aircraft. But thru the years it has turned into all electronics. It's like the "five monkeys with bananas and water" experiment gone wrong. We've gotten so wrapped around no electronics we forgot WHY.

Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 1) 264

by ai4px (#47880313) Attached to: Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use
You assume the police would look into such incidents in a timely manner. For example: . The bracelet phones home right away and the police don't check on it for 3 days. Mayhem ensues. The solution is not better tracking of felons on the outside... the solution is maintain the public trust and follow the laws.... the laws which require X number of years in jail for Y crime. This really bothers me.... the public hears about some guy doing some crime and says there ought to be a law against that.... there likely is. The DA didn't prosecute and accepted a plea deal instead.... or a judge didn't follow the law when sentencing. Two cases: 1) two time sex offender in our town is living near the local hospital. He molested a girl under the age of 11 as his 2nd offense. I asked the DA (Chip Finney, Sumter SC) why he's not doing 25 to life and he said it was plead down to something like aggravated sexual assault, but hey, he's on the sex offender registry. 2)While doing guardian ad litem work 10 years ago, a judge kept giving the "mom" 2nd, 3rd, 10th chances. SC law says there has to be a permanent plan in place in 12 months of taking children from parent(s). The kids were in foster care for around 2 years and the foster parents wanted to adopt. They were military and had to leave while the judge was giving "mom" that 11th chance to fly right. So you'll pardon me if I have no faith in the policing side of a GPS bracelet for felons that would sense a gunshot.

Comment: A solution for passengers? (Score 1) 364

by ai4px (#47870717) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
I did recently see a device that plugs into the OBD-II port under the steering wheel. It apparently signals the phone when it's on the driver's side of the car and won't allow texting when moving - when the app is installed on said phone. If the phone is on the other side of the car, it's too far away to hear the inhibit signal and will work... when it's in the hands of the passenger or in a back seat. and probably a few other similar products.

The solution for NY though is to stop the drivers, not control their cell phones.

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