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Comment: Re:And what a direction! (Score 2) 198

by ai4px (#49655631) Attached to: What Might Have Happened To Windows Media Center
I remember having WMC on Vista back in 2008. I had DTV tuners and told it to record a TV show off air for me. It allowed it to be scheduled but when time came to record, it did not due to DRM. Gotta love it! Also I bought a media extender that wouldn't work over 802.11G, it required N at the time....another bone head move. Kodi for me now.

Comment: Re: Why not? (Score 1) 678

by ai4px (#49527379) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California
I've heard Utah is one of those states where water cisterns are illegal. I can't understand that at all. They are worried (as I understand it) that if everyone collected water there'd be no water in the wells. OK, but what about the ratio of my roof to all the land around my house? How many square feet of roof vs square miles of land does rain fall on? Would it even make a difference in the ground water? Did I miss something?

Comment: Re:lol, Rand sucking up to the dorks (Score 1) 206

Yes yes yes.... I like your contract analogy. Far too often the DA wants a "win" so badly, he threatens to throw the book at someone forcing a plea. In many cases the plea is a very light sentence (a year of probation and time served for example),but the DA counts it as a win and claims he is tough on crime. This leaves the victims of the crime angry that justice wasn't served. The first response to this is that the public complains to their legislature and asks for even more laws on the subject. The DA won't charge anyone with those crimes either but will add those crimes to the threat of prosecution to get yet another plea deal and the cycle continues. Eventually, we'll end up with vigilante justice all over again as people lose faith in the system.

Comment: What an idea! (Score 1) 54

by ai4px (#49386353) Attached to: Man-Shaped Robots Harass Britain Once Again
If I ever decide to wage war on a country, I will do it on April 1, not September 1st like the 3rd reich. No one will expect that! I'll have 10-15 days of free reign before anyone figures out it's not an April Fools prank. 1)invade the EU on April 1. 2)something something something 3)mumble mumble... 4) profit?

Comment: Maybe once the white house fence is complete.... (Score 0) 175

Once they get the prototype fence tested maybe they can finally implement the same fence along the southern US border? A little more serious.... how about we stop mucking around in the affairs of other countries and stop defying the US Constitution so that people don't want to attack the white house?

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