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Comment Re:This is an inevitable development (Score 1) 312

So Marko McFinn is living abroad and has an RFID chip embedded in his arm. How do the government officials in Finland know he has still got the chip and how do they know to stop his benefits? Afterall, there may not be any RFID readers in teh other country.

Comment What good is an RFID chip... (Score 1) 312

If no one scans it? OK, great, put an RFID chip in a person so they can receive State welfare while living outside the State. What difference does it make? The checks are direct deposited, who verifies the person's identity when they are /outside/ the country? Seems the simple solution is to not offer welfare to citizens who choose to not live in Finland.

Comment Re:Another indication of the failed war on drugs (Score 4, Insightful) 214

except when the taxing authorities get too greedy! Taxes on cigarettes in NY cause people to smuggle them in, and in the case of one man selling singles, the cost was his life. Making a coveted thing legal is great and I wholeheartedly agree. Thinking you can tax it at a high rate is really no different than making it illegal... the result is a black market.

Comment Re:Prime Scalia - "Words no longer having meaning" (Score 1) 591

The writers of the law clearly wanted to establish state exchanges for any state that wanted them, and a federal exchange for any state that didn't want to roll its own, and that all of these exchanges do the same thing.

Never mind the fact that Gruber said explicitly that the point of not offering subsidy money to residents of states w/o an exchange was to coerce the states into created the exchanges.

A slippery slope indeed when the judicial branch interprets laws intent rather than the words written. But did we really expect they would force the federal government to stop providing bread and circuses to the plebs?

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