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Comment Re: Clear evidence of over-reaction (Score 1) 193

Ironically, in 1997 I traveled with my APRS rig inside a 7.62mm ammo can. The kantronics kpc3 modem inside, a battery and a delorme yellow GPS mounted to the outside. The airport security was just happy to see the lights come on when I turned it on for them. No harm, no foul.... just a nerd going thru airport security. de AI4PX ex KD4RDB

Comment What good is an RFID chip... (Score 1) 312

If no one scans it? OK, great, put an RFID chip in a person so they can receive State welfare while living outside the State. What difference does it make? The checks are direct deposited, who verifies the person's identity when they are /outside/ the country? Seems the simple solution is to not offer welfare to citizens who choose to not live in Finland.

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