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by ai4px (#47582075) Attached to: Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers
You say loopholes and evade taxes. It's like you've presupposed they are doing evil. Despite what they use being called a loophole, if it's legal, don't blame them for playing by the rules. Blame the idiots who poorly crafted a law.

A certain paper company used a green energy law that said if you use alternative fuels you can get a tax credit. The paper industry has been burning black liquor since the 1930s and in 2008 figured out they could get the tax credit if they /added/ diesel fuel to their alternative fuel. Congress fixed it within a year. The company did nothing except follow the rules (which are like walking thru a minefield.)

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by ai4px (#47430839) Attached to: FTC Files Suit Against Amazon For In-App Purchases
Gasp.... kids are pressing buttons in a game. Hey Mom and Dad... supervise your kids and what they do. Problem solved. I never cease to be amazed how found money (refunded money) can bring out the worst in people.... people are willing to look like irresponsible victims for a few bucks. Dignity and selfrespect are out the window if the price is right.

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Don't resist arrest? Don't plan on it, but that won't stop the cop from "narrating" what he wants others to believe what is happening. Case in point, cop pulls over a guy and walks up to the car knowing he's being recorded by his dashcam and has on a wireless mic. You hear the cop say "stop reaching for my gun" and see him lean in the car window. It looks like the guy has tried to take the cop's gun. The truth is that there is a 2nd cop car with a dash cam recording from an angle that allows you to see the driver's hands clearly on the steering wheel, even as the cop leans in his car to unbuckle his seat belt. The cop drags him out the car and throws him on the ground. The guy tries to break his fall and the cop starts shouting "stop resisting". This really happened... google Marcus Jeter New Jersey. The cops and the DA conspired to conceal the 2nd dashcam that showed the driver's hands /not/ reaching for the cops gun.

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The problem is that we are spending so much time trying to teach to the kids who don't value education we are failing those who could succeed. For example, when I kid falls behind, the school is incentivised to not fail the child. Instead they give the other children in the classroom busywork and pull one or two aside to spend extra time with them. This time is time /not/ spent advancing the smarter kids. Indeed, our ideal of giving all children the same education is simply pulling down the smarter kids. It's a shame that someone in the UK has to point it out to us.

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I used a surface pro for all of about 2 hours and returned it to the store. I was lined up to pay >$900 for a surface pro that didn't come with a keyboard. The touch screen in win8 isn't even smart enough to pop up an on screen keyboard when I touch a blank to type. I have to make the keyboard pop up, then move the screen around to see what I'm typing if the kb covers it up. Amazingly unintuitive. Couple this with a GUI that keeps funneling me into the puzzle pieces view... and trying to find apps that are not organized in alphabetical order..... again, amazingly unintuitive. Now they tell us it has a 3:2 aspect ratio? WhoTF is making these decisions?

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