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Comment Re:Responsible enough to carry a loaded weapon, (Score 1) 500

I was on a greyhound bus once and this creepy looking guy actually held a woman down and trimmed her toes with a pair of nail clippers. She began to sob once she realized that she was powerless to stop him and no one else would help. It was horrible. I will never forget that day. Nail clippers are bad news!!! snicker.

Comment Re:2212 guns being "smuggled" into airports (Score 1) 500

From your linked article.... "Boeing has delivered 4,300 kits that include the new doors, which airlines' regular maintenance crews can install, Proulx said. Boeing and its supplier designed 31 different door configurations for 18 aircraft models."

The door is bullet proof, but what of the bulkhead around it?

Comment Re: Women are the majority of gun owners (Score 1) 500

Hate to reply to AC.... but in my state if you have a CWP, you can take possession of the gun by presenting the CWP in lieu of the background check... but here's the catch. They still run a background check on you after you leave.. Most are not aware of this but it is done. So every FFL firearm sale has a background check.

My favorite gun lie of late is that you can buy a gun on the internet w/o a background check. Certainly you can pay for it, but it must be shipped to an FFL who will run a background check on you. So yes, you can buy, but no you cannot take possession of a gun brought on the inter-webs.

Comment Re: You've already accepted a roll-back (Score 1) 500

Denying employees medical coverage for types of treatments that are just fine by the employees beliefs but not by the employers.

If I offer you free lunch at work and you don't like my offering, you are free to bring your own lunch. If you don't like the insurance plan offered by your employer, you are free to 1)go into the market and buy insurance you do like, 2)pay the doctor's cash and negotiate a price with them.

We have come to think of companies as mindless corporations, when in fact most companies are run by moms and pops. It is *their* business, not a public service. Far too often we think of a business as being in existence to provide a job or a benefit. If I own a business, I should be able to hire whomever I wish, offer them benefits which I deem fit for retention or recruitment.

Tangentially, why is it legal for customers to boycott a business, but not legal for a business to boycott people?

Comment Number of inadvertent guns on airplanes stable? (Score 3, Insightful) 500

Let me pose this perspective. The number went up 20% because the TSA got shamed last year and is looking harder. I suggest that the number of guns carried onto aircraft is relatively constant recently since relatively few states have passed CWP laws in the past few years.

So given that there are 7 guns on airplanes everyday, can we assume that in years prior that was a good rule of thumb?

Why then are there not 7 highjackings every day?

Why are there not 7 air rage shootings everyday?

Could it be because most people carrying weapons aren't bad guys? They just want protection and don't mean to cause any harm? Certainly if they wanted to cause harm they could have.

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

Student loans. Easy money. The student will pay whatever because the loan covers it and the student is incapable of thinking of how exponential interest will harm him in the long run.

This is why we don't teach critical thinking in public schools. Without critical thinking, we can suck them into college prices w/o thinking about the reward/return ratio.

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