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Comment: Re:Licenses That Are Missing (Score 1) 231

by ahodgson (#48354271) Attached to: Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet

Like all such proposals, it makes sense only until you realize that the people enforcing these rules will be government bureaucrats ruled by politicians, aka human beings, who will selectively enforce, abuse, bend and break the rules whenever they feel like it for personal gain, financial gain, political gain or just because they screw up.

Comment: Re:Cake and eat it too (Score 1) 365

by ahodgson (#47996081) Attached to: Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

Yep. Even if you have all the right paperwork and do nothing wrong, the officials working the border will sometimes just decide to make your life hell. They can arbitrarily refuse you entry, interrogate you for hours, and basically do whatever they want. And it's totally random.

Comment: Re:fuck american hegemony (Score 2) 109

by ahodgson (#47990339) Attached to: Not Just Netflix: Google Challenges Canada's Power To Regulate Online Video

Google and Netflix are still probably the losers in that exchange. The result will be somebody else coming in and serving that niche in Canada, a force which may eventually be able to expand outward into Google and Netflix territory -- a force they would want to nip in the bud with their superior market presence. It's not like the secret of streaming video technology is unknown to Canadian engineers, and its not like Netflix or YouTube are so critical to Canadian day to day life that to cut off Netflix access would cause an overnight revolution.

Possibly, say Rogers and Bell. Who are, coincidentally, trying to setup a streaming service. And who more or less control the CRTC. Hrmm....

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