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I think it's safer to say that most human beings will eventually abuse any power given to them. Since governments are run by human beings, it's also safe to say that all governments abuse their power. That's why the US Constitution tried so hard to limit government scope and power. Unfortunately, since governments abuse their power, and sheeple want "someone" to take care of them and protect them, those protections have been whittled away, anyway, but it was a good effort.

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by ahodgson (#47468587) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

A tourist visiting Canada and staying in a hotel is generally not eligible for their nationalized health system. They expect payment/etc just like most other countries would. I don't know the details, but I wouldn't be surprised if they offer free healthcare to citizens of comparable countries that reciprocate for emergency conditions/etc, which would be fairly logical.

I doubt it. I think you're expected to carry travel insurance. I know as a Canadian I don't get covered out of the country by provincial health care.

And people here routinely get screwed by discount travel insurers that refuse to pay up when they get sick in the US. My extended medical insurance, provided by my employer, includes decent travel medical, though.

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All consumer debt is a scam.

The only debt you should ever take on should be for a first home, and you should pay it off as fast as possible.

You will always be further ahead financially if you never pay interest charges.

There is also a small argument for a car loan if you need one to get a job and can't come up with the cash.

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~20% of the population is getting ahead in this economy. I'll work however much unpaid overtime I need to in order to stay in that 20%. If I get really lucky I might even be able to save enough to retire some day.

Robbing unemployed people of jobs ... lol. Someone may have told you life was fair. They lied.

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