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Comment Re:DD-WRT on Buffalo hardware (Score 5, Informative) 193

A properly configured and set up PC based router with appropriate active or passive cooling will be more reliable than ARM SoC based solutions due to the additional speed providing additional routing capacity. Most SoC solutions ive seen have insufficient power for reliable operation under anything more than a moderate load. Source: I manufacture and install PC based routers in places where ordinary routers are becoming unstable

Comment How to best filter facebook? My experience?totally (Score 1) 454

Among managing IT for approaching 100 users I run the internet filter for a youth group. We provide free internet terminals for them to use. We used to score pages on facebook myspace bebo etc based on keywords. We need to allow https traffic for various reasons. Facebook are now pushing their user base towards https for profile pages to prevent various cookie hijack based attacks, this means we cant effectively filter their traffic, therefore I have suggested it should be entirely blocked. You cant filter https.

Comment Re:Co-Locate (Score 1) 225

Used to have a dedicated server with fdcservers. Started on the 5mbit burstable package. Was forced onto the 100mbit unmetered plan. Performance was dire with us hitting network contention a lot. Moved from fdcservers to a uk hosting provider and immediately our bandwidth usage virtually doubled. This was 5 years ago.

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