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Comment: Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 317

by agm (#47570299) Attached to: Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

The AARC is making the assumption that the only CDs that can be put into the car's stereo system are CDs with content they own the copyright of. That's patently not true. People can put in CDs that have their own music (that is, music they themselves have created). Because of this I don't think the AARC have a leg to stand on. CM and Ford wouldn't be infringing copyright laws - end users would be.

Comment: Re:Not Australian, but I support this! (Score 1) 153

by agm (#47403417) Attached to: New Zealand ISP's Anti-Geoblocking Service Makes Waves

It's their right to do this though. It's their content, paid for by them and produced by them. They should be able to put any restrictions they like on where they can sell it. I do not believe though that they should be allowed to prevent people from using their own personal equipment to copy bits to other equipment. Copyright shouldn't exist.

+ - Could Cars Be Made Out Of Bamboo In The Future?

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "Automakers are scrambling to increase the fuel economy of their vehicles by looking at both the powertrains and how vehicles are made. Recently automakers have turned to carbon fiber to produce lighter cars, but what if cars were made out of bamboo instead? The issue with carbon fiber is the energy and cost it takes to create. Bamboo is cheap, strong, and grows quickly. It's a renewable resource, but the biggest issue appears to be production capacity. There's currently no infrastructure to produce bamboo components on the large scale demanded by the auto industry. And right now, it isn't even possible to turn bamboo stalks into sheets of material large enough to produce certain parts, let alone a chassis or body shell. But if these issues were solved, could bamboo be a viable material for automotive applications to reduce vehicle weight--and lower a car's environmental impact?"

+ - Curved TVs Nothing But A Gimmick->

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 (935744) writes "Currently, the hottest trend from TV manufacturers is to offer curved panels, but analysts say it's nothing more than a ploy to pander to consumers who want the latest, coolest-looking tech in their home. In the end, the TVs don't offer better picture quality. In fact, they offer a degraded view to anyone sitting off center. Samsung and LG claim that the curve provides a cinema-like experience by offering a more balanced and uniform view so that the edges of the set don't appear further away than the middle. Paul Gray, director of European TV Research for DisplaySearch, said those claims are nothing by pseudo-science. "Curved screens are a gimmick, much along the same lines as 3D TVs are," said Paul O'Donovan, Gartner's principal analyst for consumer electronics research."
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