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Comment Re:Wait, you have to TYPE the password??? (Score 1) 365

Length is all that matters for passwords. You're better off with "thatswhatshesaid" (26 ^ 16) than "B4c0nL0v3r!" (72 ^ 11).

Agreed completely. It annoys me when a site or app forces me to have a number, a mixture of case or some other stupid rules that make a password difficult to remember. A password like "welcometothehotelcalifornia" or "onawarmsummersevening" are easy to remember, quite secure, and don't need numbers or capitals.

My bank restricts the password to be a maximum of 8 characters long. It's ridiculous.

Comment Re:It's not stealing. (Score 1) 408

Using a VPN in this regard is not copyright violation (at least, not by the end user). I connect to a Netflix server using a Netflix account that is being paid for, I ask the server (via my client software) to start streaming me a movie and their server starts streaming it. If they were not allowed to stream it to me then they are breaking the rules, not I.

If you are not permiited to give me something that you possess and I ask you for it, who is at fault if you then give it to me? Surely you would be, not I.

IP address is not a sensible way to tell where someone is. I think Netflix use this mechanism because they are happy for people abroad to pay them a monthly fee to access their service. Why wouldn't they be?

Comment Re:It's not stealing. (Score 1) 408

A company can't do this with anything else we buy, so why should it be able to for digital content? If I buy a pair of jeans there is no way someone can stop me from taking them to another country.

The only rule being broken here is that you have to lie about your address when you sign up for US Netflix. That's not a criminal issue, it's a civil one.

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