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Comment: Re:Another game with no options (Score 1) 80 80

SPOILER: During my evil playthrough, I badgered the Queen to make me her King, grabbed the traitorous Loghain for my party, and when Alistair disagreed, I laughed at him, and ordered his execution. This is after we'd spent the majority of the game working together. He practically breaks down in tears when this is done to him. That's pretty morally ambiguous.

Comment: Re:An interesting way to summarize the data ... (Score 1) 422 422

But, to be fair to the article, IE 6 and IE 8 are two wildly different beasts. IE 8 is MUCH closer to Firefox 3.5 (and Safari 3, Chrome, etc...) than IE 6. From a web developer's perspective, I'd much rather this article break the browser's down on their capabilities than their names/families.

Comment: Re:StatCounter? (Score 1) 422 422

The vast majority of Firefox users browse the web with no extensions whatsoever. The summary states that Firefox is at a certain percentage (a high percentage) according to StatCounter. Yet you seem to believe that StatCounter's numbers are worthless (and low) -so what, you think that Firefox actually has a much, much higher percentage of the browser market than what is quoted here? You say that "most" FF users use NoScript, and, hence, aren't including in this survey? I don't think you've quite thought this through.

Comment: Re:No biggie (Score 1) 610 610

So, let me get this straight. Apple does at least as much industrial design to the computers that they sell, their "off-the-shelf" parts notwithstanding, as Dell and HP. (I would argue that they do much more, but I'll leave that be.) Additionally, Apple uses its own complete operating system, which guarantees that its computer experience is significantly different from Dell and HP. These computer makers just use Windows. And yet, somehow, Dell and HP and are each more of a computer company than Apple?!

I don't think the grandparent is the one who's impaired.

Comment: Hilarious posts from those affected (Score 3, Interesting) 738 738

There are some very funny, outraged posts regarding this in the official xbox live forums. Microsoft has also banned players for a number of other offenses, including obscenity and racism, and these posts are great. My favorite: http://forums.xbox.com/29600400/ShowPost.aspx#29600400

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