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Comment: not similar? (Score 1) 545

by aerotux (#26575725) Attached to: Windows 7 Taskbar Not So Similar To OS X Dock After All
'Ultimately, the new Taskbar is not Mac-like in any important way, and only the most facile of analyses would claim that it is.'

I guess the Zune also is not iPod-like in any important way, right? Except for the (very nice I must say) small screenshots of an opened application with multiple windows, the rest is so much similar... The good thing is that this will make Apple improve its dock in Snow Leopard!

Comment: Re:retarded comments in summary (Score 1) 109

by aerotux (#21339229) Attached to: Oracle Is Latest To Take On VMware
In fact, any dba can easily patch such "threat". First, it's in a package used for XDB, a feature that 99.9% of the database users do not use (so just restringing access to it for db users is enough). Second it's a local explote, you have to have a username and password plus execute priviledges on the package. And third, if you use that package and you are concerned about your users you can: a) audit the execution of the package or b) create a wrapper package, with appropiate synonyms and grants, and sanitize yourself the user parameters.
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