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Comment: Re:EFF Help? (Score 1) 739

by aed (#31653632) Attached to: "Install Other OS" Feature Removed From the PS3

Sony obtained from you the money you payed when buying the system.
They only obtained that money by promising to give to you in return for said money a system you can use to play video games online, and that you can also use to run the "Other OS".

Now that they've obtained that money, it turns out you can only have one or the other, but not both at the same time. At the time of buying this was not made sufficiently clear.

Comment: Re:The size of Alaska or bigger and no images? (Score 1) 325

by aed (#28955535) Attached to: Expedition To Explore an Alaska-Sized Plastic "Island"

Apparently you *haven't* looked through all the links in TFA...
Otherwise, you would have read in the Wikipedia article that "Despite its size and density, the patch is not visible from satellite photography." because "Most of the debris consists of small plastic particles suspended at or just below the water surface, making it impossible to detect by aircraft or satellite images."

Apple iPhone Dissected 338

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the better-them-than-you dept.
Conch writes "Only hours after the launch, the Apple iPhone has been dissected. The good folks at AnandTech violated one of the first iPhones to still our curiosity about whats inside the aluminum shell. 'Please note that we're doing this so you are not tempted to on your recent $500/$600 expenditure, while it is quite possible to take apart using easy to find tools we'd recommend against it as it will undoubtedly void your warranty and will most likely mar up the beautiful gadget's exterior.'"

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