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Comment Re:OK how do you get jobs like this? (Score 3, Insightful) 783

IT isn't about training, it's about being able to find answers and solve problems of a technical nature. Development requires training, although the best developers I know are almost entirely self-taught. The best in IT usually come from other backgrounds, and have an aptitude for technology. The "pure techies" don't go very far. Throw in an MBA, CGA or PMO certificate and you are moving up in IT.

Comment Re:Wake me up when... (Score 1) 622

You're making the common error that atheism is some positivistic belief. It's not, at least for me. It's simply the absence of a belief in a supernatural being. Show me any evidence, and I'll be happy to consider changing my position. But I don't go around believing in things that aren't required to explain the world around me, like the Easter Bunny, Zeus, Jahweh, or Christ dying to save me from a variety of behaviors.

As the saying goes, atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

Look at it a different way. You're asserting that a proposition for which there is no evidence should be treated as equally likely as the null hypothesis, that your proposition is false. If this is truly your position, then you should believe in all gods, because they are equally as likely, and cumulatively perhaps more likely than the null hypothesis.

Comment Re:I'm surprised nobody has said this yet, but.. (Score 1) 622

1. Egyption, Greek, and Roman religions also had people believing in them for long periods of time. There have been many religions (and still are) that have lasted for long periods time. The length of time a religion has been around is not a real good metric.

2. Also not a good metric, especially since it's only been around for a relatively short period of. Religions don't appear with people already divided.

3. And that's different from other religions because...?

The simple fact is a religion is whatever you believe it to be. One person's pink unicorn worship is no sillier than a million people worshiping invisible sky fairies. Religion is in the eye of the beholder.

All religions are abusive and used like any tool for power, wealth, etc. . The only real difference is that Scientology is basically coming right out and screaming it's scam unlike most other main stream religions who do it far more subtly.


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