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Hardware Hacking

+ - On vehicle video recording

Submitted by adpsimpson
adpsimpson (956630) writes "I'm attempting to put together a system to record images and audio during a long journey. I would ideally like a couple of low-resolution cameras capable of either stills or video (webcams might be perfect), both outside and inside the vehicle, with microphones outside and inside. High quality images will be taken the traditional way: stop, get out, use a camera.

I'm thinking that a series of switches on a console in the vehicle would control the recording mode:
  • Off
  • On, regular stills (every 10 seconds or 100m, triggered by GPS)
  • On, video mode

Additional switches would be able to change the audio input between outside and inside the vehicle, mark GPS waypoints, etc.

I would be happy enough with having a dedicated low cost PC (netbook, mini ITX or similar) built into the vehicle. What I don't know is how to design the interface between the PC and the switchboard.

How would Slashdot go about designing a system like this?"


Artists Strive To Wrest Rights From Music Industry 287

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the industry-jenga dept.
eldavojohn writes "The funny thing about the RIAA & BPI is that the artists are just as tired as the fans with how online music is being handled. So they're trying something new called the Featured Artists' Coalition. FAC's site states in their charter: 'We believe that all music artistes should control their destiny because ultimately it is their art and endeavors that create the pleasure and emotion enjoyed by so many.' As digital releases are increasing, the artists aren't seeing any more money. With the advent of online distribution, are the traditional music industry functions of promotion, samples, radio, and marketing now nothing but costly overhead for the artists? From Iron Maiden to Kate Nash to Radiohead, some big names are backing this new organization."
Linux Business

+ - Presentation software for Linux

Submitted by adpsimpson
adpsimpson (956630) writes "I am a PhD student and have just returned from giving a presentation to industry, detailing the work my university is doing for them. I am also a long-time Linux user.

The presentation was prepared in collaboration with my advisers, who use Microsoft software. My part was prepared in Open Office, and the file was saved in the Powerpoint format. I gave the presentation from my laptop, but Open Office became completely unresponsive about 30 minutes in, with each click taking up to 30 seconds to register and basic animations (appearing and disappearing content on the slides) simply not working. We transferred the presentation to another laptop running Microsoft Powerpoint in Windows and it completed with no problems. This slow dying of Open Office is something I have come across before and which reproduces every time I test it here.

My question is what presentation software do the Slashdot crowd use? Is there a free and open source alternative to Powerpoint which will work reliably where Open Office fails? Are there ways to tweak Open Office to make it more responsive?"

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