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Comment Re:This is the least of the problems with SO. (Score 1) 303

Yeah, my one and only post there was what I thought was an innocuous question about a certain kind of hardware device (not my speciality, just wanted to get some general pointers which way to go), there was time for one (1) quite helpful answer then a bunch of people with some kind of moderating rights piled in, slapping a closure notice on it along the lines of "question locked because likely to cause controversy". Nice way to say "f**k you, n00b". Nary a friendly word along the lines of "we see this is your first post, here are some guidelines, sorry for the inconvenience". Still, at least a couple of keyboard warriors got their fix of banhammer joy. I guess it's like WP editors - if you got in early and got reputation, youv'e got a pretty free pass, but new accounts have got a huge uphill struggle before getting anywhere, and I can't be assed.

Comment Re:Parking lot (Score 3, Insightful) 259

In pre-digital days I used to carry around a graphite-based stylus for noting the car's location on a carbon-based "tablet" with a nifty non-battery-reliant offline storage solution, though these days I just take a photo with my moble pocket computing device. Saves having to wait for reliable autonomous cars to be developed.

Comment Re:Did you even read the notice? (Score 1) 385

The change DOES also apply to the usual stuff like HP Proliant DL380 etc.

Yup, we got the same mail today. We have a bunch of ageing Proliants, and are currently engaged in a procurement round for a new generation of servers (we buy them by the ton, almost). Guess which company just ruled themselves out of the process?

Comment *facial*network.com? (Score 1) 336

Sounds like the kind of domain name which would trigger these nanny-state filters some countries are so fond of nowadays. But let's be clear on this - facialnetwork.com is in no way involved with bukkake porn involving minors and there is no record known to myself of any of their senior management being on any form of sex offender registry.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 154

Similar here, at my previous job... except irony of ironies, while even the manager and sales droids were very happy with their Macs, the Photoshoppers were Windows only.

Meanhile at my current job, where the developer workstations are pretty much all Linux, I am looked down upon because my laptop of choice comes pre-installed with a certified UNIX OS.

(Posting from my home desktop Linux right now BTW, in case anyone wants to accuse me of being a hipster).

Comment Re:Speed is not everything (Score 1) 268

Last time I was in Japan, I had a good connection, but the ISP decided to drop every ssh connection above a given traffic. My tunnels kept being broken until I set a speed limit on my side.

Was that a DSL connection with an ISP-supplied router, or maybe a cable TV ISP? With optical fiber I've never had any problems, SSH sessions stay open for days (and this is without a fixed IP address), and p2p "just works". This is in Tokyo, BTW.

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