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Comment Re:Time for a union (Score 1) 491

Then watch IBM move to China to get ore cheap labor! American workers need to stop feeling so entitled to large wages and outrageous benefits. Then feel entitled to cheap products and services. Any company can't pay out money to employees in tons, then sell products cheaply and expect to succeed and make profit. Only when Americans change will they actually be able to find jobs.

None of us feel entitled to anything. Your attitude is why companies are outsourcing. All we ask for is a job and a reasonable living. We hav no benefits. We do not feel entitled to cheam anything. Grow up. Eventually India and China will page liveable wages, and American companies will move back, unless the forign competition does not shut them down. So Short sighted.

Comment Of course what we need (Score 4, Insightful) 244

Is more public transport. The automobile and fossil fuels are a dead end. We (The USA) need to start putting out infrstructure dollars in repairing existing infrastructure as well as building out rail/light rail infrastructure. Commercial air travel has become less and less customer oriented and will eventually be for rich people only, on the airlines schedule.

Comment It's not the governments's responsibility (Score 1) 676

It's up to us a parents to teach our children that being too anything is not healthy. It's also up to us to teach our children that fashion is not a lifestyle and should not dictate how we see ourselves. We always explain to our 11 year old how the TV ads work and how marketing works (selling a "lifestyle/happiness") and what a lie it is. It's time for us to stop the consumerism of our culture, that is a lot of the crux of this problem and legislation is not going to fix it. All that said I am a good Liberal and I do believe that government belongs regulating commercial industries, such as big oil, who refuse to regulate themselves.

Comment We have allowed the money to run us (Score 1) 487

This is a very important issue, IMHO, and cuts to the very heart of the problem with corporations today. Everyone is so shortsighted allowing the money to move them. What we should be doing is having a long term goal of providing good service/products and taking care of employees that do well. Money is a means to an end (products we need like food, technology. housing, education...etc) not an end into it's self. "One thing that did happen in the 70s and 80s, particularly 80s, was the concept that profit was a right and that firms when they employed a certain number of people needed to ongoing bussiness, even if the management was incompetent" There it is.

We all like praise, but a hike in our pay is the best kind of ways.