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Comment Re:Not impossible, just difficult. (Score 1) 225

The fingerprint is only good once the phone has been previously unlocked via the passcode. After the phone is either rebooted, or if it's been greater than 48 hours since last unlocked, then then phone can no longer be unlocked via the fingerprint.

My guess is that there is a cache of the decryption key that is stored in RAM. a power cycle will clear that, or the phone clears it itself after 48 hours.

Comment Re:Sounds like (Score 3, Insightful) 225

Every device that is capable of running iOS 8 is the iPhone 4S and pretty much 5 generations of devices. I doubt many people have a 5+ year old iPhone at this point. iPhone 4 and under account for 4% of the current iOS market share. (source: )

I doubt that they are now using this as a gimmick to try and force people to upgrade to a new handset at this time.

Comment Re: Good News (Score 1) 187

They could target specific commercial VPN providers. Pick the top 10 VPN providers and just block access to connecting to them. You'd stop a good majority of the unwanted VPN traffic while still allowing businesses (whose VPNs are almost certainly privately run) to continue to work just fine.

Comment Re:Poor Value (Score 5, Interesting) 319

Given that I can only watch the stream of Cable TV for as long as I subscribe to cable, I would say that I own them much more so than the product I got from Cable TV. If I decide to stop buying new shows, I can still go back and rewatch the old ones as many times as I want. If I stop paying for cable I can't watch anything.

Sure the authentication server could go down permanently, but at this point i've already watched and rewatched most of the shows multiple times over the last 5 years i've been doing this. I've also spent half as much doing this as I would've spent on cable. And I haven't had to deal with commercials.

So far, I also don't see the sun setting on the iTunes store any time in the foreseeable future. If it did, however, I would expect to see a MUCH bigger outcry over the "purchases" people have done on iTunes disappearing. To the extent that it would actually bring the topic up to mainstream news and actually spark some debate and possible change to the laws about what is required to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your purchases in perpetuity. I would also expect people to work much more diligently about then cracking the iTunes DRM.

Comment Re:Poor Value (Score 5, Informative) 319

I did this for a long time. I actually ended up buying the "season passes" for shows on iTunes and "multi passes" of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. All told, i'd spend about $400 a year buying the HD versions of the shows on iTunes. The show's would be available to me the day after they aired on Cable. But I would own them, be able to watch them anytime, and they'd be commercial free. All for about half of what I was paying for cable each year.

Real programs don't eat cache.