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Comment: Re:What do they think? (Score 1, Informative) 544

by adamofdoom (#18143568) Attached to: Merck To Halt Lobbying For Vaccine
Ok so I posted most of this a bit earlier but it got buried and it applies equally well here:
I don't normally post here, but I'm sick of hearing reactionary arguments like this. While cervical cancer is devastating and I fully support making this vaccine available on the market, I for one would most certainly not have my daughter vaccinated until it has been in WIDE SPREAD USE for at least 5 or more years, and I FERVENTLY opposed making it mandatory because of the lobbying of a drug company.

The thing about drug companies is that they're a necessary evil: yes, they're in it for profit, but the products that they make a profit on save lives.
Given that the company is Merck, infamous for selling medical technologies that they KNOW aren't safe (See Vioxx and Fosamax) all the while suppressing negative evidence against them, I don't think the benefit of a doubt you are giving them really applies here. In fact I may even wait longer just given who the company is.

So while some of you are happy to line your daughters up as consumer testers stage 1, I think I'm going to show a bit more caution and reserve with my most important and irreplaceable things.

Oh, and for the record I'm not particularly religious and I'm very much a political liberal - so yeah, the Christian wingnut thing most certainly doesn't apply.

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