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Comment: Sony alpha 55 (a55) (Score 1) 402 402

Seriously -- you should look into the Sony a55 camera. It produces AMAZING images with little to no knowledge. If you want to learn, there are a plethora of used Minolta lenses that work well with the camera. This camera is great for beginners to experts alike. Don't waste your time and money with anything less. Many of the mirrorless cameras cost almost as much, aren't as easy to use and provide MUCH less room to grow.

Comment: better than tax rebate program (Score 1) 594 594

Let's compare this program to the program of handing out tax rebates by the previous administration. This program has several goals: 1. Stimulate spending (I don't necessarily like this, but I think at this point in time, it may be helpful.) 2. Promote fuel efficiency. The tax rebate program handed out $300 to pretty much everyone, sometimes more. I lived in Canada at the time of the rebate programs, but still paid lots of taxes to the US, so I qualified. At the time, I was a Post Doctoral Fellow, and had some student loans from 18 years of college. I used the rebates to pay down these loans. I have no clue how this rebate spending stimulated the economy. I am positive that I am not the only one who spent the rebate money in this way. It would be interesting to see which program in the long term has the better outcome. My guess is on a program which supports heavy industry as well as on fuel efficiency, rather than paying for books from 10 years earlier.

Comment: why just iphone? (Score 1) 495 495

This is a total load of crap. There is no difference between the iphone and any other smartphone as far as this capability is concerned. Why would a malicious person buy a $500 phone (and provide a credit card number) to do the same thing on one you can buy anonymously on ebay or any pawn shop for $20?

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