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Comment: Re:Wait a few years for digital ink... (Score 1) 1186

by ad0n (#32720342) Attached to: Tattoos For the Math and Science Geek?
hahah.. had to share a (similar) story: a friend from a northern town in canada told me he knew of someone who got the "Maori" face tattoos done. Except one day this person met someone from that part of the world. Apparently, the guy had used the "Maori female" tattoo patterns instead. hahah. i'm sure there's a morale here somewhere.. (i *think* this is a true story.. either way, worth a sad laugh)..

Comment: Re:Testing burden (Score 1) 378

by ad0n (#31536144) Attached to: Opera Sees "Dramatic" Rise From Microsoft's Ballot
..and, by that logic, maybe cut long term costs overall given that they will realize up front that a subset of their customers cannot even use their site because it is not supported by common mac browsers, etc. I know I had this problem with -- it appears as though they fixed the site now, but how many calls to tech support and how much re-inventing or patching up a poorly engineered site after the fact?

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