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Comment: Re:SLAPP (Score 1) 424 424

by ad0gg (#42217355) Attached to: Virginia Woman Is Sued For $750,000 After Writing Scathing Yelp Review
Most states have anti-slapp laws on the books. California one is pretty nice, you can file a motion to dismiss, you don't even have to go through "discovery" and produce documents etc. You can also counter sue for legal fees. Sadly virginia doesn't have this type legislation but I think she can still file a motion to dismiss and hopefully get an understanding a judge.

Comment: Re:many decades? (Score 1) 326 326

by ad0gg (#40530861) Attached to: Why Mark Zuckerberg Is a Bad Role Model For Aspiring Tech Execs
What do you have against retards? Looking at Banking which is such a simple concept, lend money to people who have ability to pay off the loan with money from your depositors. They couldn't even do that right. They even get 20%+ interest rates on credit cards while paying less than 1% on deposits yet they still managed to drive those companies into the ground.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 3, Insightful) 815 815

by ad0gg (#40034067) Attached to: From MIT Inventor To Tea Party Leader
Have you read their "contract on america"? They talk about reject emission trading, balanced budget, reducing taxes. These have nothing to do with constitution. They even talk about cutting Obama's healthcare based on constitution, but ask them if they want to cut social security/medicaid. Teaparty doesn't care about the constitution, they are too busy trying ban gay marriage,abortion and demanding to see Obama's birthcertificate. They also whine about the USPS and how it should be privatized, I wonder if they even read the constitution where explicitly defines as a task of the federal government.

Comment: Re:How come everyone in the movie is white? (Score 1) 165 165

by ad0gg (#39798789) Attached to: Travelling Salesman, Thriller Set In a World Where P=NP

I disagree with this statement. Intelligence is mostly controlled by your genes, it isn't even disputed in the science community. Has nothing to do with how you were raised. There's a bunch of studies on adopted kids and twins that were raised apart. No one ever likes to talk it about because for certain reasons i won't bring up because this type science has been used to commit some of worst crimes against humanity in modern history. Also IQ doesn't mean successful, being successful has to do with your upbringing and education. Smartest guy in the US is a bouncer after dropping out of college. He grew up in poverty and a broken home.

The 2006 edition of Assessing adolescent and adult intelligence by Alan S. Kaufman and Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger reports correlations of 0.86 for identical twins raised together compared to 0.76 for those raised apart and 0.47 for siblings.[42]

Comment: Re:Autism is bullshit (Score 2) 398 398

by ad0gg (#39524381) Attached to: CDC Reports 1 In 88 Children Now Affected With Autism In the US
If we look at cancer rates across the board. They are down over the last 100 years. What I have noticed is that spanking your kids is at a historic low. Which could be a cause of autism. And there's always the pirate theory, with increase in pirates over the last 10 years, that could be contributing factor to autism in our kids.

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