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Comment Re:Statehood for England (Score 1) 360

You kind of lost the moral high ground a long time ago.

Difficult to lecture people on free speech when your government spends its time torturing people to get them to talk.

That's not an argument in favour of censorship, just highlighting what happens when you have double-standards: people don't listen to you any more.

Comment Re:Once iOS and Android sold out to the NSA. (Score 3, Informative) 139

All phone manufacturers and ISPs have to follow the laws of their host country. For that reason BlackBerry was required to hand over access to BIS encrypted traffic.

However, BlackBerry's BES (business) security was not affected. Each enterprise keeps its own keys, not BlackBerry. There was nothing to hand over to the government. The government would have to go to each business individually and demand the keys.

Comment Re:There's more to (business) mobile than email sy (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Actually, no you probably can't, at least not to the level and granularity of BB.

And side-loading is a serious issue for some businesses.

I fear that BlackBerrry's problem is that the size of the market for their USPs is pretty narrow.
They are still way best in class, but that class is small.

Comment There's more to (business) mobile than email sync (Score 4, Insightful) 139

If you're managing large numbers of mobile devices then you also want to manage app versions, manage upgrades, and as far as possible protect you business info from user installed apps.

For all of it's faults, BlackBerry does all of that very well.

Is it enough? Only time will tell, but I wouldn't write them off yet.

Comment It's teamwork, stupid (Score 2) 260

Yes it is important that the candidate can program and can problem solve, but its not often that individuals analyze, design, code, and test an application, you work as part of a big team.

Further, a team of egotistical coding superstars is never going to be an effective team. Dull plodders who have an attention to detail are as important as the superstar programmer. You have to have a mix.

So yes, there may be a place for coding challenges, but a good coder is not necessarily a good analyst, a good tester, or a good integration guy.

And given the above, the only tests I'd want to see are those conducted at the company where you can ask "Why that way? Why not this way? What if I needed these changes now? How would you scale that idea? How could you best document that for the testers? How could you make that easier to integrate with this?". It would be difficult to get any of that out of a coding challenge.

Comment Cross-Platform (Score 1) 100

BlackBerry support QT4.8, and 5.0 can be compiled. Digia (who now own QT) have ported it to Android and IOS, with Win8 on the horizon.

Finally, portable C++ apps.

And if you prefer something standards-compliant, you can code in HTML5 and embed that as an app.

Btw if you you do create web apps, BlackBerry own and develop the Ripple emulator.

What's not to like?

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