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Comment Re:SMOKE (Score 3, Insightful) 1367

Anyone who thinks, or thought at any point, that drug-related problems are caused EXCLUSIVELY by the prohibition of drugs is, in fact, an idiot.

The argument is that we're doing more damage prohibiting than we would allowing the behavior (supply and demand says it will happen anyway) to continue to occur, above-board.

Comment Re:SMOKE (Score 1) 1367

Yeah, thank Prohibition for the dead babies and thirteen-year-old hookers. See, people who are willing to commit crimes to make money have one thing that attracts them: money. Make a pack of Camel Buds cost $10, and your violence (dead babies, flying bullets, graffiti, muggings, crackheads hanging around) evaporates. Since drugs are pure, legal, and cheap the thirteen-year old, if she's even able to get any, will probably not overdose or get poisoned by impurities, making her chances of recovery into society much better.

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