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Comment Re:My curiosity (Score 1) 22

Sorry for the vague construction of my sentence/thoughts in my head. The accelerometer that I am referring to is the one that is being used in phones. The ones that tell up from down. Yeah I was scratching my head when I first found out that that piece of hardware in smartphones is not called (I assumed) gyroscope. The velocity and current position problem is for the GPS satellites and given that it senses it surroundings. If this device is measuring the surrounding environment, detects that it is 1 meter from a wall/hull, reading velocity of 7.71km/s, and still same distance from the things around it with respect to x,y, and z axis, that really is interesting for me. I'm thinking of a problem similar to the experience of sitting in a bus and the bus next to it leaves. You might sense that the bus you are on is moving but what actually is happening is the other bus is the one that is moving. If you close you eyes you can easily tell that your bus is not moving but the addition of visual information fools the human mind. I'm curious if the addition of the information about its surrounding may have effect in some of its computation resulting to a wrong reading.

Comment My curiosity (Score 1) 22

What will be the effect on the accelerometer (0 gravity) and GPS. I assume that it also senses its current velocity and current position. Having data of 0 velocity but changing position (I assume that the ISS' velocity is not the same with the GPS satellites) would definitely f*ck-up the computation.

Comment I don't think so. (Score 1) 82

What would be the edge over our current SSD?

From what I have understood from the summary (I didn't RTFA) the only application that I can think of is a thinner thermal fuse. One layer of this sandwiched between two permanent magnets. When this material detects heat, magnetic orientation switches which will repel both sides opening the circuit. When it goes back, it will attract both sides thus closing the circuit. Advantage is there are no mechanical springs.

Comment For simplicity's sake (Score 1) 478

Put the limo out of the picture. Let's say you can have an infinite space to implement this. Is there such technology that will render all cameras useless except for the one(s) you have? One can suggest to have total darkness inside and have an IR camera for you to use but does your guest/client want to party inside in total darkness? What if someone brought an IR camera too? What if someone used the built-in flash on their cellphones?

Honestly I would like to mod the article as troll...

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