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Comment: I've dug up the recommendation... (Score 1) 501

by abcjared (#29558535) Attached to: AU Government To Build "Unhackable" Netbooks
The recommendation given by the Australians Information and Communications Technology in Education to the government.
I'm not sure if it's different to normal government recommendation but it seems as if this committee has had quite a lot of crack, its full of useless general statements repeating the ideas of the proposal and doesn't mention any actual information.

Comment: Re:Holding my breath (Score 1) 150

by abcjared (#28849593) Attached to: Wearable Computer With Lightweight HUD
A Sonar, Radar with some extra cameras could, with some pretty long scripts, detect threat, a few accelerometers in your clothing and pulse monitors would also be cool.

This wearable computer doesn't look particularly impressive, I could probably make something better, longer lasting and actualy portable with my eee pc, the frogpad and the glasses-screen.

+ - Happiness through a warm electrode->

Submitted by
sufijazz writes "A story by Gregory Mone on the Popular Science website talks about trials to use deep brain stimulation to cure chronic depression. From the article:

Antidepressants may generate billions of dollars in revenue for pharmaceutical companies, but recent studies suggest that pills work only 50 percent of the time — and they don't do much at all for the millions like Hire who are severely depressed.
So the alternative being tried is brain surgery whereby electrodes are lodged in the patient's brain and 2 Volts of electricity is passed. Why the pulses affect mood is still unclear, but scientists believe that they may facilitate chemical communication between brain cells, possibly by forcing ions through nerve fibers called axons. In turn, this may trigger the release of mood-regulating chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine. Similar trials are being conducted in other places. Exact numbers are hard to ascertain, but it's estimated that fewer than 50 patients in North America are walking around with wires in their brain."

Link to Original Source

+ - Making the Case for Firefox 1

Submitted by
TwilightSentry writes "I'm a student in a small private high-school (~500 students) with a network of mostly Windows computers (We've got some Macs and a Linux server). Our IT administrator favors IE over Firefox, primarily because it can be controlled through Active Directory. I've shown him Firefox ADM, which allows such control of Firefox, and espoused the benefits of AdBlock Plus and Firefox's greater security (Along with the thousand-eyes, fewer bugs idea). His response has been that ads are blocked by our web-filter, and as Firefox and IE7 now pretty much have UI parity, there wouldn't be enough improvement for users to justify taking the time to implement the change.

So, I ask the Slashdot crowd: How would you justify such a switch to your IT admin., if at all?"

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