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Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 3, Interesting) 367

One other important bit. All of the legitimate biological research shows that humans don't really multitask. We do very well at high speed time sharing. Your analogy is biologically false.

It's important and completely lacking in the psychology field to actually validate behavior models and such analogies against physiology. It doesn't happen, and is specifically why your false analogy can seep through the cracks as useful.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 4, Insightful) 367

Wait, I must have ADD then because when I am on a call and the content is boring (especially conference calls) I frequently fiddle with objects around or near my desk to amuse myself.

That isn't ADD, it's being bored, whether due to intellect, knowledge, or interest level in the subject. Everyone deals with boredom. It's like the weird dream of driving a car from the back seat. It's an astonishingly common dream, but most people think it's strange because they haven't heard another person talk about it before. You're not special, sorry.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1, Interesting) 367

Funny, the only people I know who know when to and when not to cowtow to physical violence are the ones who had a level headed mixture of physical and non-physical punishments growing up.

The generation of sheep are almost entirely comprised of people raised under the false ideal that violence and physical action are never acceptable responses. The kind who would sit idly by while another person is assaulted because to attack the attacker is somehow wrong.

Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 1, Interesting) 238

Let's be mindful that academically, CS is not considered one of the hard sciences. It might look and smell like one, but nobody in physics, math, biology, engineering, or chemistry takes CS seriously. There is a pretty sharp intellectual and attitude divide at the engineering oriented schools between the EE majors and professors and the CS majors and professors. Much sharper divide than two fields with so much in common and a decent number of overlapping classes. There's a reason why IT/IS is taught at the business school rather than engineering or science, and it is because CS was so far into liberal arts-like territory that they weren't going to take a second chance when IT/IS emerged as a field needing their own degrees.

A biology researcher I know was pretty disgusted by the science when she worked with some psychologists. The gist came down to that the field considers results only as results for the particular cohort used in the study, not as a repeatable experiment.

Comment Troll is successful (Score 2) 84

Yes, we're going to see silly stuff like homepage grabbing as a way of monetizing free products and updates. How long was Google on the default home page of Firefox?

But this part:
"Has Microsoft set a new precedent that it's okay to expect users to have to go searching through every setting and proactively monitor network traffic to make sure their data isn't being stolen, modified or otherwise manipulated?"
is pure trolling horse!@#$. Grow up already.

Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 378

There small / home office laser printers already meter the number of pages they will print before claiming to be empty. The one we dealt with had a hard limit of 10,000 pages despite being half full of toner still. Printing blank pages counts against the total as well and reinstalling the cartridge still gets a replace toner message. Worse still is that they refuse to print, unlike old equipment you could pull the toner cartridge, give it a shake, and print a few dozen more pages with at worse some light areas.

Comment Re:Ya, right (Score 4, Interesting) 277

Years back there was a spat of hidden cam whistle blowers going through the police academies. There is a huge emphasis on how to escalate a situation. The rationale is that too many perps get off on technicalities and such, but stuff like assaulting / threatening an officer and resisting arrest charges stick and make the DA reluctant to work out plea deals.

You would also need good cops running the training program, and you are more likely to get the opposite. The men and women I have known in law enforcement who are good people either get out of the field within a handful of years, or change post to constable / sheriff work because they get ostracized in municipal police forces for calling out bad cops.

Comment Re:Lowcost? (Score 2) 75

In order to deal with latency, I doubt they are talking about using the geosynchronous ring. These are probably low earth orbit and need a steady stream of replacing as they deorbit and burn up in the atmosphere. The size target is probably small enough not to even leave a pebble left after reentry.

Comment Good for experiments, not powerplant ready (Score 0) 337

People really need to understand that we are nowhere near dealing with the high energy neutrons a tokamak slings around and that such designs are purely for research in fusion physics and similar.

Thorium fissile reactors. That is where all of the money needs to go at the moment when it comes to power production, not solar or wind.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 0) 253

It starts to be a bit more feasible when you realize the number of programmers specializing in VB and similar very familiar with Windows APIs or security that Checkpoint (firewalls) and several other software firms have ploughed through in Israel over the past decade. The talent pool exists.

Windows 7+ is nearly unhackable with UAC provided you have a firewall in front and no access to change boot devices. Add in a requirement that all executable code be signed in advance with some vendor's cert and the job is done.

Comment Re:or... (Score 1) 363

Google Maps routing is pretty poor quality for the number of years we are from dashboard GPS and desktop routing software. Streets and Trips 2002 did a better job at handling multiple destinations by a huge margin.

Google Maps puts inappropriate weight towards making a route more complicated with short freeway hops (hop on for the next immediate exit). It also looks like they are taking some kind of payola from toll authorities, as it frequently tries to give toll routes when a non-toll route has an ETA within 1-2 minutes.

Lastly, their lack of intelligence on street construction (major multi-month/year affairs) is pathetic when the exact advantage of an online based mapping service should be current, dynamic updates. The only area they are leveraging there is current traffic knowledge, yet they fail to notice when a major street abruptly hits 0 traffic, indicating a closure.

The driving preferences should be vastly more granular and more than on/off check boxes for weighted route offerings. It would be nice if they would bring back future predicted ETAs to the web product and add it to the smartphone apps.

Keep in mind they still call it "Beta" software.

I like Google, I am fine exchanging a controllable portion of anonymized habits for free services, but just keep in mind that they are having trouble serving two masters.

Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 1) 394

That is a terrible broken design. It fails to accommodate a nice portion of America males. Not because we're fat necessarily, but because it doesn't have space for person over 6'1". Fixed pods are still an issue for the overweight though who if extreme enough can purchase a second seat due the intelligently modular design of armrests. Lastly, while so much additional structure for pods would increase structural rigidity and safety of airframes, the additional weight would cost more in gas than the increased passenger density. The exception would be carbon fiber, but the design is likely too complex to make out of carbon fiber affordably.

The random switches between metric and imperial measurements sounds like a designer / designer's marketing idea. Everyone involved in that design should burn in hell for even releasing publicly an idea with so very many obvious flaws. They are math / physics retarded mechanical engineers, of which there is a shocking population allowed to live.

Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 1) 394

The next logical step is to remove overhead bins, mostly by using Spirit's model for baggage fees, and then have the passengers stand against partitions. The partitions will have the necessary safety restraints for take off and landing.

Following that, we can remove the partitions and just sell standing space based on a weighted priority boarding system, and let as many board as possible, while being able to hold onto horizontal and vertical railing systems like a subway.

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