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Submission + - Facebook Launches Like Button For Google Chrome

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has quietly launched a Google Chrome extension called Facebook Like Button. The extension lets you Like, Share, or Recommend web pages, images, videos (html5 only), and audio (html5 only) on Facebook from any website by just clicking a button. That’s right: even if the owner hasn’t implemented a Facebook plugin on his or her website, you can still Like it with this tool.

60 Years of Cryptography, 1949-2009 104

Dan Jones writes "2009 marks 60 years since the advent of modern cryptography. It was back in October 1949 when mathematician Claude Shannon published a paper on Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems. According to his employer at the time, Bell Labs, the work transformed cryptography from an art to a science and is generally considered the foundation of modern cryptography. Since then significant developments in secure communications have continued, particularly with the advent of the Internet and Web. CIO has a pictorial representation of the past six decades of research and development in encryption technology. Highlights include the design of the first quantum cryptography protocol by Charles Bennett and Gilles Brassard in 1984, and the EFF's 'Deep Crack' DES code breaker of 1998."

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