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Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Famous iPhone Dev Team is very close to Apple iPhone Reanima

Though all over the Internet it was informed, that iPhone's downgrading from 1.1.1 version to 1.0.2 anyhow does not allow to make calls from Apple iPhone, but famous Engadget accidentally inserted into iPhone TurboSIM card ... and iPhone become alive! This is how Gizmodo guys explains the meaning of this hack:
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Create your own Signature for Sent from Apple iPhone emails

Gregory Ng from iPhoneMatters has published very funny post concerning the signature at the end of every email sent from iPhone. I think many of you have received emails from your friends or work buddies with signature at the end of it "Sent from iPhone".
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: IntelPhone - the Biggest Apple iPhone Competitor

Intel company has announced, that very soon could be released the Big competitor for Apple iPhone. The company couldn't notice business successes of iPhone in USA and considers itself to repeat them. Good luck guys... Future IntelPhone will be not a clear cellphone, but it should be so called the Mobile Internet Device (MID).

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