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Comment: Re:For great justice... maybe? (Score 1) 550

by a_claudiu (#41681495) Attached to: Teen Suicide Tormentor Outed By Anonymous

Unfortunately it looks like she couldn't live with the results of her bad decision. I feel zero sympathy for this girl.

Than the punishment is adequate (barely), only a "cyber sentence" angainst a "cyber bully". Let's see how is he living with the result of his decisions.

There it's more to speak about the age, the impact of accessibility of very easy communication/sharing of feelings on the net for the young persons, education and others but this discussion will never end

My only problem is to accept the vigilante act or not, and if yes how trusty it is.

Comment: Re:It's their business model... (Score 1) 377

An "essential tool" as you said in the first comment implies that "must" be part of the full solution, a must have. My problem with GM does not consist in fear of glowing green in the dark but is bunch of more long term problems:
1. Patents/monopoly of food. ./ is full of it
2. Effects on surrounding culture/nature
3. Posibility of a mistake
Selective breeding is having a risk also but is a risk mitigated by the time. The chance of something going wrong suddenly is much lower, and cand even give your body time to adapt in time.
Now let's say that somebody having almost a monoply in seeds, is playing with GM and screw up big time. How many people will be affected, what are your chances that your body adapts in few years.
All of this only for having a small tool, when the real problems of feeding the planet lays in corupt governments, inneficiency, wars, poverty and "don't give a shit as long as is no gain" attitude of the western world?

Comment: Re:It's their business model... (Score 1) 377

I did not see any consensus in any of the articles. Even the second one the most pro GM food warns that is not the "full solution". GM can be a small tool only (a dangerous one from ny point of vie for various reason).
In many places a tractor, a road and a water suply will make wonders. If you read also the articles you'll notice the biggest problem is not a resistant crop but the poverty that stops making investition in infrastructure.
Developed countries can generate their own food without problems, the developing countries despite their big not used places can not.

Comment: Somehow right (Score 2) 326

by a_claudiu (#40260949) Attached to: Apple Granted Broad Patent On Wedge-Shaped Laptops
The compelling reason for an invention is not necessarily money. In fact I could argue the great inventions came from obsession rather than running for money. Letting aside the IP protection and the reason for it, many people are forgetting the real reason why iPad, iPhone are being so successful. It's not innovation, it's a well executed design with obsessive attention to the details, something the big companies nowadays are forgetting. Let's sell a half backed product, if it's sales well, we will support it further and maybe improve it as long it's not affect the sale of our new iteration of the same product with minimalist improvements.

Comment: Re:people still use antivirus software? (Score 1) 151

by a_claudiu (#40006573) Attached to: Avira Premium Anti-Virus Bug Disables Windows Machines

And only because Windows is the prime target, dear Mac/Linux fanboys, those systems are by no means any safer. Just less interesting as a target

I heard this quote/excuse same time ago but I still do not believe it. Most of the servers are running Linux and a server it's a bigger target than a home computer. For the moment being Linux is safer. The user space is more strictly enforced than a Windows machine. Looking historically Linux came from a server platform with strictly enforced security and move to a desktop/more user friendly distribution, and Windows started as a single user OS and goes to a more multi user platform. The legacy of both systems is still making a difference now. Not that Windows didn't made big steps but the legacy is still there.

Comment: Grey market blabla (Score 1) 185

Microsoft is not selling a finite resource. It's selling virtual copies and IP blabla. Unless the UK have special demands to tweak their OS, Office that needs to be done outside UK there is no need to adjust price acording to exchange parity. Services costs will increase only if they are offshore (maybe the rupee is increasing or the wages in India). Microsoft and the rest are not selling at a well defined price (production cost + x% profit) they are selling at the biggest price somebody is willing to pay. Seems that UK is willing to pay or somebody is thinking so from his sky high office with his helicopter view over the things.

No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation with detail.