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Comment: Re:Please read this (Score 0) 590

by aXi (#39310361) Attached to: The Windows 8 Power Struggle: Metro Vs Desktop

Correction it is a complete rethinking of the windows 3.0 program manager, which sets us back more then 22 years. Even worse the possibility of freely minimising and moving program groups was available which makes the windows 3.0 interface superior to the windows 8 interface.
The windows 8 interface is simply a redesign of the the file manager icon view of the start-menu folders.
Even worse they have done this very same thing to the start menu button, first by pasting a green start button on top later only to replace that with the current round windows "start" button which is still available in windows 8.

To prove that windows 8 is an airbrushed windows 7 simply open the registry editor and change the value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer RPEnabled from 1 to 0 (zero).

My conclusion:
I think windows 8 will be worse than windows ME and Vista combined. Seeing that nobody is buying windows 8 phones which have the same interface as windows 8 for desktops I think windows 7 will probably coexist with wxp for some decennia to come. I doubt anyone will want to buy a new system with winnows 8 preinstalled.

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by aXi (#38712264) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Wireless Catch-and-Release

From what I read, you want to restrict internet access to the sunday school classes. Are we talking censoring or actually only allowing sunday school pupils to connect? If you mean the latter, simply enable wpa or wpa2 security on sundays and only give the wpa/wpa2 password to students. If you mean the former I can and will not help you, for I think each is in his own right to have the freedom to inform oneself by anyway possible as to whether to believe or not to believe.

I am an atheist but I believe in the right of religion even if it makes no sense to me,.

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by aXi (#38160020) Attached to: The Myth of Renewable Energy

They never named photovoltaics. They are talking about solar heat pump systems.

Photovoltaics are allmost allways forgotton because of the so-called low-return. While in germany big homeowners are making a killing selling energy back to the grid.

The fact that they did not compare photovoltaics tells me that this "research" might be biased.

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