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Comment Re:Manufacturing buisness supported by government. (Score 1) 356

My point is that without subsidies nuclear power would be prohibitively expensive. Construction of new nuclear power plants is significantly more expensive than other forms of electricity generation, and this is even without taking into account decommissioning and waste disposal costs. Add to that the astronomical costs incurred by cleanup every time there's an accident (for reference, the cost of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is estimated at $250 billion US dollars) and anyone would understand how nuclear isn't cheaper.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 67

Regarding Google Maps, I found that their quality depend entirely of who they're getting their mapping data from. In Japan, they're getting it from the biggest local mapping company there is, and as a result Google Maps are way ahead of OpenStreetMap/Apple Maps, and even other companies that use the same base data (Bing, Yahoo!, etc.).

Comment Re:So long, ComiXology (Score 1) 244

It's a lot of work because ComiXology's website requires my credit card info, which I'm not giving to them (or Apple, for that matter) and that I pay for the exchange rate on top of that (I live abroad). With IAPs I don't need to give my credit card info to anyone and there's no exchange rate fees either.

Comment So long, ComiXology (Score 1) 244

For all current customers on iOS, here's the fix: 1: Install the new ComiXology app. 2: Leave a one star review in the App Store. 3: Launch the app, go to Purchases and hit Restore in the purchases tab to sync Apple purchases with the web 3: Log into comixology website to use the $5 voucher they gave you. 4: Download Marvel https://itunes.apple.com/en/ap..., Image https://itunes.apple.com/jp/ap... and DC https://itunes.apple.com/en/ap... apps. Check purchases have synced to those. 6: Delete both ComiXology apps and Use Image / Marvel / DC instead.

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