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Comment: Re:Google doesn't have a monopoly on ANYTHING. (Score 2) 324

by bmo (#48437525) Attached to: The EU Has a Plan To Break Up Google

Moreover, if Nokia wasn't run by absolute incompetents, they'd still be a huge player in the smartphone market.

But they farted around with OSes, libraries, and waffled and couldn't decide themselves out of a wet paper bag being while pushed off a cliff. To top it off, the board decided to welcome Microsoft's cukoo-egg into their nest because "OH MY GOD A BILLION DOLLARS."

Google is where it is because a lot of companies are run by boards that are more interested in feathering their own nests instead of what they largely give lip-service to - "innovation"

Look at Yahoo. Go ahead, look at 'em. Point And Laugh. They deserve it.


Comment: Re:Market Share in 2019? (Score 0) 396

by bmo (#48423531) Attached to: Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine

while threatening to jump ship to a browser they can't even customize at all.

You can't possibly be talking about Google's browser.

Chromium is properly FOSS.


Chrome itself is closed source, but Google really does an awful lot for the FOSS community.

The browsers you truly can't customize consist of the likes of IE and Opera.

petty little complaints

I've been an open source user/abuser and proponent going on 20 years now. It's stuff like this that make me think that if you're an actual Firefox dev, you need to GTFO right now before your toxic attitude spreads.


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by bmo (#48420317) Attached to: Halting Problem Proves That Lethal Robots Cannot Correctly Decide To Kill Humans

Product liability never results in anyone being actually responsible for the death going to jail or huge penalties.

A multinational might> pay out a couple of million in product liability, but then it will just be chalked up to the cost of doing business.

If the multinational is a defense contractor (BAE, Raytheon, Lockheed, General Dynamics, etc), it will all be swept under the rug and more money will be thrown at the contractor to "fix" it.

That's the reality.


Comment: Re:don't use biometrics (Score 1) 328

You'd be surprised how many felonies and misdemeanors they could find on your phone. If they find anything suggesting you committed a crime, they can make your life hell for quite a while. This affects everybody.

You know those pill organizers, because you're taking so many drugs each day (heart, etc)?

If you carry around prescription drugs without the actual bottle without the actual sticker, it's a felony. This actually happened to one of the members of my DBSA group.

No, you do *not* have permission to search my bag, Mr. Officer.


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by bmo (#48269603) Attached to: Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records

The county had to buy a spare server and restore each monthly tape to it and manually pick out the email messages

It's a fucking computer. How do you not even try to automate stuff like that? How stupid do you have to be to not even write a script, but sit there and fucking vgrep everything?

The cost was not because of the documents being requested or that the county kept the records too long, the cost was that their IT department is run by retards.


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by bmo (#48254325) Attached to: OEM Windows 7 License Sales End This Friday

It's fashionable to complain about the replaced start menu in Win 8.

It wasn't just that, it was all the touch shit crammed into a desktop OS that failed to work well with a mouse and keyboard. Ballmer et al., were chasing after the "golden fleece" of a "universal interface" by j-j-j-jamming touch into desktops/laptops. They thought that mobile interface on desktops would work better than desktop interface on mobiles (XP tablet edition, to be specific).

They're finding out that people use different form factors in different ways/use cases and that the interface should follow the use and form factor.

Winidiots swear up and down that Linux "will never be ready for grandma." I have to tell you that from personal experience "grandma" hates 8 more than any Linux desktop environment.


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by bmo (#48254157) Attached to: FTC Sues AT&T For Throttling 'Unlimited' Data Plan Customers Up To 90%

AT&T doesn't want to throttle these people just to limit their effect on the network. AT&T wants them to leave and never come back.

Then they should have never sold "unlimited" plans and your friend was an idiot for not having tiered pricing.

Have a nice day.


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