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Comment: Worldwide 3G access and more (Score 2, Interesting) 138

by _critic (#34099550) Attached to: Kindle Allowing Chinese Unfettered Access To Web

I returned to Shanghai from the US and Tokyo recently and was shocked to discover that not only did the 3G China networks bypass the great firewall, but the kindle 3G access fired up easily in all three countries with absolutely no cost to me! . . . FREE 3G . . . Worldwide . . . as far as I can tell. The kindle has already paid for itself. w00t!

Comment: Greenwald on Justice Stevens' replacement (Score 2) 106

by _critic (#31886924) Attached to: Retiring Justice John Paul Stevens's Impact On IP Law

Now more than ever, it's vital we pay attention to the candidates the Obama Administration puts forward.

In light of VP Joe 'Hollywood' Biden's unbridled support by and for media industries and the Administration's inability to take a principled stand against the financial, insurance or pharmaceutical lobbyists, as well as its apparent pursuit of unbridled Executive power, it's dubious that the candidates we see coming from this White House will be equal to the chair being vacated by Justice Stevens.

If you think Kagen is an acceptable replacement, you must read Glenn Greenwald's commentary on the nominations . . . We absolutely MUST have a nominee that will fill Stevens seat with the same dedication to the rule-of-law and sensible jurisprudence he provided.

This is just too important for us to get it wrong. Unfortunately, it will take an unprecedented show of public intolerance for inadequate nominees.

Comment: Biden's influence . . . you think? (Score 2, Insightful) 546

by _critic (#26896403) Attached to: Will Obama's DOJ Intervene To Help RIAA?

This is the dark side of the Obama candidacy in my opinion, completely predictable from the moment he chose Joe "Media Industry Lacky" Biden as his running-mate.

If the Bush administration was pandering to the energy industry, this one will be pandering to the traditional media industries. What will be most interesting will be seeing how this administration balances telecommunications and new media interests versus more traditional media interests. I predict they'll tie themselves in knots even the most adept contortionist couldn't imagine.

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