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by _anomaly_ (#46110995) Attached to: Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

No doubt this false sense of security (and driving talent/experience) comes standard with most 4WD/AWD/4x4 vehicles.
When I had a 4x4 SUV, I even found myself having trouble keeping in mind the fact that I wasn't invincible.

My girlfriend and I were in Illinois a few Christmases ago when we found ourselves having to begin our 5-6 hour drive after 5-6 inches had already fallen. Even in IL, those country roads were not cleared one bit. We were in a Hyundai Sonata (4-door sedan, front-wheel drive), going maybe half the speed limit. We encountered numerous vehicles in the ditch, almost all of which were SUVs. We did end up doing a 180 in the middle of a straight road (presumably hitting some hidden ice under the snow), but we were able to at least make it to a major city in Indiana where we gave up (having gone half our distance in 5-6 hours) and stayed the night.

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I'm not arguing that it wasn't a disaster, but so far, in the comments I've seen that the NWS changed from a Winter Storm Watch to a Warning sometime around 3 or 3:30am. I'm not sure about Atlanta and surrounding areas, but that's awfully close to the cut-off time where schools can be cancelled. My father was a teacher, and from what I recall, if the call didn't come in that school was cancelled by 3 or 4am, it was on, regardless of what you woke up to.

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Yeah, me too, and I would bet that Microsoft moves to incorporate the Windows app store into desktops. The app store could easily be expanded to offer desktop versions of software, in addition to tablet and phone versions. It would be a way for Microsoft to have more control over what gets installed on desktops running their OS... and having more control is definitely what they want.

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Good quote, but it doesn't apply. Most university courses won't allow you access to reference materials during exams or quizzes.

At the engineering school I attended, during what we affectionally called boot camp (the first 3 semesters where you take Calc 1-3, once a day for an hour, with a test and a quiz every week), we weren't even allowed calculators during exams, much less a text book.

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Good suggestion. I have a friend whose wife returned to college in her 30's and had difficulty with testing. I'm not sure what office it is, but they allowed her to take her tests apart from the other students, and on a different time table. I think it has really helped her, at least with the testing part.

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it's free

Absolutely not, unless you know someone who can give you the hardware for your FreeNAS box. If you have an extra computer laying around, chances are it doesn't have what you'd need for one. I recently looked into what would be required to setup a FreeNAS box, but I don't have the available funds to build a decent one. I have an old computer using rsync to avoid catastrophic hdd failure, but the hardware is all too old for FreeNAS.

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I had a similar experience with Doom, about the same time, '94-'95. We'd play it on our high school token ring network, during our "computer science" class (which pretty much amounted to learning how to program in some variant of Basic). The teacher got so annoyed, catching the 3 or 4 of us playing during her lectures that she eventually would allow us to play after we finished our in-class work. Needless to say, those of us interested in playing became pretty decent at coding Basic quickly.

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