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Comment: Re:big news! (Score 1) 184

by _Sharp'r_ (#49551063) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

In 2014, right here in sunny Az, three Koch-funded candidates were elected to our five person Corporation Commission

I'm in AZ also and are familiar with the race you're talking about. I knew they were utility-company supported, didn't see anything Koch related. Do you have a news report or campaign financing source or something I can look it showing major Koch money involvement somewhere?

Comment: Re:Because girls just can not pee with boys. (Score 1) 599

I wonder how long it will take for the school to be half filled with boys who like STEM topics and figure out that if they claim they "identify" as female, they get to go to this school and be surrounded by girls as a bonus?

Is this place just meant to have an entrance exam specifically designed to ensure just the best min-maxers get in?

Comment: Re:That's great news! (Score 1) 508

Here's what was dropped by the editor from the original story submission:

Male economists were the only university STEM group found not sexist in their hiring.

No word yet on what steps universities are planning to take to remedy this apparent bias in hiring.

I find it interesting what he chose to cut out. I guess you can either argue it's for brevity, or because they want to avoid controversy in the original post, but compared to some of the other posts I've seen, maybe not...

Anyway, I found that male economists difference in the study interesting, but it's also fun to see that the researchers assumed (as conventional wisdom in their field) the exact opposite result until they realized no one had actually done any empirical work on it, then their work turned out the opposite of what "everyone" in their field thought it would. So I commend them for having the honesty to do actual science.

+ - Cornel study find women twice as likely as men to be hired on STEM tenure track

Submitted by _Sharp'r_
_Sharp'r_ writes: In the first 'empirical study of sexism in faculty hiring using actual faculty members', Cornell University researchers found that when using identical qualifications, but changing the sex of the applicant, 'women candidates are favored 2 to 1 over men for tenure-track positions in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.' Male economists were the only university STEM group found not sexist in their hiring.

No word yet on what steps universities are planning to take to remedy this apparent bias in hiring.

Comment: Re:wildfires? (Score 3, Insightful) 304

by _Sharp'r_ (#49431101) Attached to: Obama Says Climate Change Is Harming Americans' Health

I have a solution for your CA home water issues.

Ready? Stop voting for Democrat environmentalists.

The science is in. If you divert millions of acre-feet of water to fulfill environmental regulations, you can't use that water for other stuff. If you stop building reservoirs and dams to store water while increasing water usage, you won't have enough water. If agriculture water prices went up enough that the agribusinesses used 12.5% less water, then every residential and industrial user in CA could use 50% more water.

Comment: Re:Why does it seem (Score 1) 653

by _Sharp'r_ (#49417491) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights

Let's see, Presidential election results after 1964, your chosen "they've been dying" since landmark:
So 7 R to 5 D... yeah, looks like an ongoing landslide for the D's over that time.

Current Congress? House = R, Senate = R
Current States? R's control 70% of the state legislative bodies.

Basically the ONLY level of elected office the Republicans don't currently control is the White House, and if you think Hilary is going to win that in 2016... well, you can keep going with your wishful thinking there...

Comment: Re: Oh, Okay (Score 1) 587

by _Sharp'r_ (#49415609) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political

No. Happily, the Hugo's have multiple categories and multiple works/people nominated per category.

Ideally, SF awards will be for the best SF works as voted on by SF fans, not taken over by literary elitists (the same type of folks who used to look down over their noses to say SF wasn't real literature, if they deigned to notice it at all) who want to use it to push their latest social cause.

Comment: Re: Oh, Okay (Score 5, Insightful) 587

by _Sharp'r_ (#49413927) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political

The Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies slates weren't about not having women and minorities win. Both slates included several women and minorities and even some left-wing writers who had to be publicly "horrified" the wrong people liked their work.

They're about wanting Hugo nominees/winners that reflect science fiction and what they consider the best story, rather than the last decade or so style of being nominated because the author is a leftist non-white male who includes the properly politically correct representatives in their story, even though the story itself isn't remotely the best SF story of the year. They're about wanting the winners to reflect SF fans, rather than just a small insular group of NY elites in the publishing business. Looking at you, Tor.

If you wonder why there seems to be a big gap of 12-15 years where not a lot of new good SF authors came out in book form, except from Baen, it's because the literary elite decided SF should be about identity politics instead of about science and speculation. SP/RP are about taking the field back for real SF that the fans of SF like, not the kind where it's "important" because it shows a woman musing about how the evil corporations are ruining the environment but if only her homosexual boyfriend would wake up from his coma they could live happily ever after mutually respecting each other in hipster anguish. -Gasp-

Comment: Why (Score 5, Insightful) 49

by _Sharp'r_ (#49240915) Attached to: The Role of a Nonprofit In Open Source Development

We also discussed the challenge of recruiting more women to open source projects and women in the KDE community.


How about asking about the challenges of recruiting more GUI designers, or more programmers, or more QA testers, or more of some group KDE specifically needs more of. Why ask about women?

It's almost like there's some sort of additional agenda beyond just interviewing the KDE folks....

Comment: Re:"Conservatives" hating neutrality baffles me (Score 1) 550

ok, I'll bite. I understand how the internet works as well as most people who don't spend most of their time writing RFCs (I owned an ISP back in the dial-up days and I've configured BGP as a network admin).

However, I also understand public choice economics and the fact that once the FCC begins to regulate the Internet (in the name of Net Neutrality), their incentives are driven by the politics of the commissioners (hence why this decision was 3 Dems vs. 2 Reps) and by the companies they regulate. It's nice when that sometimes coincides with the interests of the "regular guy", but it typically doesn't over time. Examples from history abound. See Baptists and Bootleggers.

I also understand that Comcast vs. Netflix was about contractual rights and was solved by the various parties making private agreements for bandwidth and transit usage, not by government regulation.

The supposed "reason" for the FCC regulations (prioritizing content providers by ISPs) isn't something that is actually happening in a widespread manner nor negatively affecting consumers, so why give a small government body control over the Internet so that they can over time regulate it pretty much however they want to.... and by want to, I mean how their political and embedded corporate interests want them to.

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