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Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 4, Insightful) 460

Please, please, please stop making everything an "intuitive" icon with no easy way to get text to tell you what a button is supposed to do.

Not everyone is constantly using the same program and wants to just start guessing what menu icons do in the hopes of figuring out over time how to work the damn app!

That's my biggest issue with these minimalist pretty designs, half the time you can't figure out what the stupid menu options actually do, let alone find the one you figure should be in there but who knows what it looks like. Don't get me started on mysterious gestures being required for an app.

This lack of basic usability is one of the two major reasons Apple mobile products are banned for technical support in my family now. The other is the walled garden, but I digress.... /rant

Submission + - Presidential candidate promises not to ban encryption (

SonicSpike writes: The Obama administration may have punted for now on the topic of encryption, but Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he’ll ensure Americans can securely protect their digital data if he’s elected president.

Speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday, Mr. Paul, a Republican, said he won’t ban encryption if he wins next November’s election, cementing his stance with respect to a hot-button issue that widened a rift between Silicon Valley and Washington this year before the White House ultimately decided last month not to push for a legislative solution.

“The head of the FBI came out with this recently. He says, ‘Oh, we’re going to ban encryption.’ And it’s like we want to build a backdoor into Facebook and a backdoor into Apple products,” the presidential hopeful said at the Yahoo Digital Democracy conference this week. “A backdoor means that the government can look at your stuff, look at your information, your conversations. The problem is, is that the moment you build an opening — and I’m not an expert on coding or anything — but the moment you give a vulnerability to a code that someone can get into your source code, not only can the government, but so can your enemies, so can foreign governments.”

“What’s China going to say? ‘Apple, you want to do business with us, you’ll have to give us an opening so we can watch,’ ” Mr. Paul added. “I don’t think we want that.”

Citing the increasing availability of robust, easy-to-use encryption and its effect on criminal investigations and counterterrorism probes, the Justice Department this year urged companies like Apple and Google to rethink the capabilities of their products before deciding last month to put their efforts on hold.

This is in contrast to Jeb Bush's recent statements about wanting to ban encryption:

Comment Re:It takes multiple fire fighters to control a ho (Score 2) 91

I know as the submitter I'm the only one who read TFA, but it carries 265 lbs and can be either piloted (for surveillance) or else remotely controlled.

So the idea is to go look at the fires spread, look for people trapped, etc... and as a last resort send it up under remote control to pick-up a person or two.

Submission + - Brazilian Army Gets Hacked After Allegations of Cheating in Security Cyber-Games

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous hackers breached the servers of the Brazilian Army, and later leaked the personal details of around 7,000 officers. The incident seems to stem from CTF games where security teams try to hack each other. Apparently the Brazilian Army team used forbidden tactics to win its games, and the hackers responded by doxxing some of their officers.

Comment Re: unique id (Score 1) 214

Forbes: "The two sectors currently most affected by the regulatory environment in the U.S. are healthcare and financial services."

Regdata: "Regulation on Credit Intermediation and Related Activities has grown 517.73% since 1997."

Can you point to any data which shows the financial industry isn't heavily regulated? Simply googling the question is the financial industry heavily regulated seems to have a pretty broad consensus of answers in the affirmative. Why do you think otherwise?

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