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Comment: Re:I'm not a computer scientist, and... (Score 0) 135

by Zzzoom (#43531125) Attached to: Harvard/MIT Student Creates GPU Database, Hacker-Style
That core count is a bit deceptive. GPU makers count an N-wide vector unit as N cores. An i7 3770K has 4 cores that have a 256-bit (8 single precision operands) AVX vector unit each. A GTX Titan has 14 multiprocessors/cores that have 6 32-wide single precision vector units each. Then there's the mess of counting FMAs as two instructions, the 3770k letting you execute one addition and one multiplication per cycle...just look at the FP32 and FP64 GFLOPS instead of counting cores.

Comment: Re:The US will rely on IP for economic security (Score 0) 310

In the long game, all you really have is a big and extremely expensive military force. Innovation is mostly done by corporations that don't give a crap about anything but profits, and the fact that you can't stop China from copying absolutely everything shows how useless your IP bullying will be in the end.

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by Zzzoom (#33608332) Attached to: Construction of French Fusion Reactor Underway
Ok, let's assume for a moment that this has nothing to do with racism at all, and all gypsies can be proven to be criminals. It doesn't take much thinking to realize that deporting criminals isn't a state policy that can catch on because you're left with either penal countries or nowhere to dump the criminals.

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