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Comment: Re:How do people have time for this? (Score 2, Insightful) 397

by Zoid (#15752886) Attached to: World Of Warcraft Crushing PC Game Industry?
I have a full time job (game developer) and I'm part of one of the high end WoW guilds here in the US, http://www.elitistjerks.com/

We raid four or five nights a week. It's scheduled during the evenings and we try to keep our raids to a maximum of four hours. I get home from work, eat dinner, then raid in the evening. I'd rather be doing that then watching mindless television or something. I'd say I play around 12 to 20 hours of WoW a week and quite enjoy it. Sure, that's more than a casual player who plays it a couple hours a week, but I'm not putting 80 to 100 hours a week into the game.

Journal: Attention password naggers 3

Journal by CmderTaco

Any further email messages titled "Slashdot User Password for CmderTaco" will be automatically shredded before they reach my mailbox. So you can continue using the "mail password" form as much as you like - I won't be notified about it anymore.



Journal: Someone's trying to hack my account! 5

Journal by CmderTaco

Some lifeless people have been trying to hack into my account (is it GNAA?). Look what kind of email I received:

Your new password is toiDiUoY. Your old password will still work until
this password is used. Go to the URL below to log in:

Make sure you then CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!


Journal: Retiring CmderTaco Talkback 5

Journal by CmderTaco

Due to a disappointing lack of interest, I'm going to discontinue CmderTaco Talkback. It was nice when people still bothered to comment, but I can't do it on my own.

It also disappointed me that no one ever mentioned me. I guess I'll never be a popular troll because I can't really troll - I'm too nice for that.


Journal: Good porn actresses

Journal by CmderTaco

I'm downloading porn nowadays, and it's real fun, but the problem is that many porn actresses may look good, but they are really, really bad actresses.

I'm not saying porn actresses should act like real life actresses, but they should act in a convincing way. Most of the porn actresses I see just moan and shout sentences like "yea! fuck my pussy! shit! ohh! uuuhhhh!" and it looks so bad that sometimes the movie looks better if I mute the volume.


Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Server Wackiness, Carnivale, G5

Journal by CmderTaco

In his recent journal entry, Taco spoke about: Drop in mod points, the strange errors we see in /. lately (they'll have to write a script to restart httpd... damn it's so annoying when you don't know what's the source of the problem), traffic increase, an HBO show, new apple laptop (in exchange for all the favoring of Apple stories?) and ANOTHER office transfer (the last one was from the west coast to the east coast if I re


Journal: CmderTaco Talkback:Oops, Server Slowdowns, Moderation Issues 1

Journal by CmderTaco

In his recent journal entry, CmdrTaco talked about the slashdot@slashdot.org email address (and how anything you sent to it until now is going to get lost), some hardware changes (what's a webhead?) and the side effects of the 20% growth in traffic (why did that happen? why is there more traffic here? Did the webservers start to serve girls as well?)

Discuss, honey.


Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: AnimeNext

Journal by CmderTaco

In his recent journal entry, CmdrTaco shared us with his horrible experience in some anime con. He and his wife were forced to do 2 keynotes and were nearly squashed by the crazy mob which expected live tentacle porn. Luckily they were saved by Hime-chan no Ribbon who slaughtered some pornstalkers just in time.


Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Email Pet Peeves, TV, Slashdot T-Shirts 4

Journal by CmderTaco

I was afraid he isn't going to write anymore, but he did!
In his Recent journal entry, CmdrTaco writes about users who send emails with legal restrictions, users that require him to prove he's not a spammer, two DVDs of TV serieses he got (while claiming that Alias is fluff! This can't be tolerated!), some hardware changes here and new t-shirts there.


Lord of the Rings

Journal: The articles I hate the most: Laptop Fuel Cells and LoTR

Journal by CmderTaco

There are 2 subjects here that I can't stand:

The first is fuel cells for laptops. I understand the sympathy towards fuel cells - they are nice and all. But they are for the cars. Once they start making cars use them I'll be happy, because gasoline sucks and it's a very annoying energy source.


Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Blacked out! 12

Journal by CmderTaco

In his recent journal entry, CmderTaco speaks about the blackout and its effects on him and on slashdot. That includes the inability to have normal coffee and also the need to piss outside in order to conserve water.

Note: He was using too many abbreviations. I guess that NPR is National Public Radio, but what is BFE (related to water)?

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