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Comment: Re: FORTRAN (Score 1) 465

by ZiggyM (#45156245) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Language To Learn For Scientific Computing?
I agree. Look up about compiler differences between c and fortran. Fortran allows the compiler to better know about things like if a variable can be put in a register or not because maybe some other thread has its address and might change it or whether it can auto paralellize some array processing etc. i love c/c++ and ive done large systems on both but for specific routines fortran rules.

Comment: Re:Diet and laziness (Score 1) 707

by ZiggyM (#44347465) Attached to: The Man Who Convinced Us We Needed Vitamin Supplements
I think you should revise point #1. Im a vegetarian too, and Ive seen many studies like this one: where it shows that fish oil supplements are not effective. You need to eat more of the fish to get the actual effects.

Comment: Easy to hack into international banks (Score 5, Interesting) 196

by ZiggyM (#43684541) Attached to: ATMs Compromised, $45M Taken
two years ago I posted here how while waiting on a bank in Peru I played with a terminal that was there to show the bank website. In 5 minutes I was able to get into their WAN just by clicking arround. I could see all the networks inside, and inside that I could see the individual machines which has excel files and such. I inmediatelly reported it to the manager. In the US that could have gotten me arrested. I took a pic as a souvenir, which I still have. A month later I was there again and noticed that they had simply disabled right-click on the browser (it was one of the steps that I reported). After 10 min I was able to get into the network again. Told again the manager. Two years later (last week) I noticed that they still hadnt fixed it. Didnt say anything this time, but left the network screen open.

Comment: Re:The Cloud is RAM, apparently (Score 1) 564

by ZiggyM (#43438579) Attached to: Why PC Sales Are Declining
Yes, jokes appart of course the cloud can replace the need for more RAM, just doesnt act as RAM simply reduces the need for it in many cases. Back in the day for you needed extra ram to run a complex program that say, did calculations or transformed a video or image. These days many of these programs are moving to the cloud. You can edit images and videos from your browser and all the hard cpu/ram intensive work gets done on the cloud. Take a look for example at Google's chrome experiment using Google Cloud Compute backends. It does a graphics intensive transformation of any web page, and then lets you 3d-navigate the web page using your phone as a wireless controller.

Comment: Re:more than 50 per cent full = fail is bad (Score 2) 74

by ZiggyM (#43270061) Attached to: Matthew Garrett Has a Fix To Prevent Bricked UEFI Linux Laptops
There is probably a good reason for not allowing more than 50% full. For example assuming the firmware never gets larger than 50%, you have the other 50% as guaranteed space to write the new firmware version. Simply patching firmware is dangerous because of a power failure leaving you in the middle of the patch. Instead, you write the entire new version on the other 50% and then jump to the new firmware without possibility of partial writes. Of course, the bricking part is not the best way to handle it.

Comment: Bogus summary (Score 1) 201

by ZiggyM (#43262315) Attached to: A Glimpse of a Truly Elastic Cloud
Where does the submitter got that "Currently cloud providers round an instance uptime to the full hour when calculating charges."?? Totally bogus. For example Google App Engine maintains an unused, idle instance for "only" 15 minutes and thats what you get billed, not a "full hour" as is claimed here. If you have high load its irrelevant when the instance shuts down. If you have little load it might matter but you will save little since you consume little to begin with.

Comment: They contribute a lot to the US students (Score 1) 689

by ZiggyM (#42749935) Attached to: Does US Owe the World an Education At Its Expense?
I was an international student at an ivy league. **By far** the smartest guys were the international students, they raised the bar a lot in all my science classes (I majored in CS) and also literature/arts. I payed full price, no financial aid. I also stayed for many years after and payed *lots* of taxes. Think about it, the US gets the very best from Europe/Asia selected from a pool of millions of people, many more than the pool in the US. For free. Are you really complaining?

Comment: Re:Methylation (Score 4, Informative) 252

by ZiggyM (#37837656) Attached to: DNA May Carry a Memory of Your Living Conditions From Childhood
According to wikipedia on cell reprogramming, these gene expression changes are erased from offspring: "After fertilization the paternal and maternal genomes are once again demethylated and remethylated (except for differentially methylated regions associated with imprinted genes). This reprogramming is likely required for totipotency of the newly formed embryo and erasure of acquired epigenetic changes." See

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