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Comment What a joke. (Score 1) 78 78

This post (and the article linked) is shitty even by slashdot standards. This "power board" has exactly two (2) current-generation phones. No shit they're going to be the top of the list. It's not like anything else was released using this same chipset in the last month or so, right? What a joke.

Comment Re:Still no microSD? (Score 1) 297 297

Honestly, the lack of a SD slot is criminal. The chipset has at least two SD interfaces; one being used for the internal storage and the second completely unconnected. All google/lg would have to do is put in a slot, run traces to it, possibly a few passive components. Couple dollars worth of parts, at most. No excuse.

Pretty sure this is related to Google pushing the unified filesystem for android - good for internal storage, but a terrible justification for not providing removable storage.

Comment Not a surprise (Score 2) 90 90

They made the right move... after they got curbstomped by public opinion. No doubt they would have maintained their original position without external impetus to change it.

Sad bit is this appears to just be a bug in whatever custom tiff library they wrote; fix bug, recompile applications, if need be, then test everything tiff related. Not really a demanding undertaking. Given the exorbitant prices they charge for PS and friends, the very least they can do is keep them patched when yet another security hole is found. Don't get me wrong, PS is a superb piece of kit (if bloated) - but it doesn't command the premium it once did.

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