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Comment Re:backhoe fade (Score 1) 316

This me of a time when one of the most prolific email spammers was taken down for a short while due to an accidental encounter between a piece of construction equipment and their local fiber optic connection.

Comments quickly spread about how someone finally implemented a "Realtime Backhoe List".

Comment Re: I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 95

Is causing damage to paper targets and watermelons, etc. considered an unacceptable use. You do realize that 99.9999999999% of privately purchased weapons are not used for any other purpose,don't you?

Watermelons? Is Gallagher doing his comedy shows with a Sledge-o-semiauto-matic now?

Comment Re: OK, we've seen this before (Score 5, Insightful) 379

> your average principal has to check the school policy manual to figure out which leg to put in the trouser first. And then they mess it up half the time anyway.

So if the manual says to put your left leg in first, and you mess up and put your right leg in first -- exactly what badness happens?

The zipper winds up in the back.

Comment Re:Is anyone else bothered? (Score 3, Insightful) 95

fake violence is still violence

No, it isn't. Not for any standard definition of the word 'fake'. Failing to make this distinction suggests a failure to distinguish between fantasy and reality, which is a highly disturbing thing to see in supposedly 'mature' adults.

The person behind the controller is no more a murderer for playing GTA than they are an NFL Hall of Famer for playing Madden.

Comment Round up the usual suspects (Score 2) 42

"This is the first conclusive evidence that galaxies are being strangled to death," says Peng. "What's next though, is figuring out what's causing it. In essence, we know the cause of death, but we don't yet know who the murderer is, although there are a few suspects."

It was Colonel Mustard with the rope in the Virgo Supercluster.

Comment Signal degradation? Try Channel degradation. (Score 5, Insightful) 244

I used to watch more TV 10 years ago, but that was back when...

Discovery and The Learning Channel were dedicated to educational shows
Animal Planet was dedicated to shows about animals
The History Channel was dedicated to shows about History
The Sci-Fi channel was dedicated to actual Science Fiction


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the USA network was showing foreign made shows 24/7.

For that matter, 30 years ago I watched even more TV, but that's back when Music Television Video was dedicated to showing Music Videos on Television. Go figure.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 265

The problem is that they are genetically modified, and the hippies refer to them as "GMO Mosquitos," and thus they are unnatural abominations. They think that the mosquitos will bite people and infect them with their GMO DNA, as if they were vampires that turn humans into giant GMO mosquitos.

And another Saturday afternoon SyFy movie plot was born.

Comment Re:For the sake of discussion... (Score 5, Informative) 316

The driver would be arrested due to the drugs and possibly the weapons. They would be held as evidence. This hasn't changed.

Here's what has: Up until now, the driver could just be driving around with the money... no drugs, no weapons, no probable cause or reasonable suspicion, and the cops could seize it based on the extremely flimsy suspicion that the driver was a drug dealer. This money would wind up in the coffers of that local police department, to be used at their discretion.

The driver would theoretically have the chance to legally reclaim the money. However, the driver could easily wind up spending more money in legal costs than the original sum that was seized. And in some jurisdictions, the authority making the final decision in such a legal case is the same organization that seized the money in the first place.

See the issues here?

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