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Should We Just Call Dog Breeds a Different Species? 497

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the well-technically-but dept.
Jamie found an amusing bit this morning on Scientific American where the author proposes that dog breeds are different species. Now some of you might recoil when you hear this suggestion, but if you read the article to see why he makes this suggestion I suspect you'll crack a smile and appreciate the elegance of the solution.

Comment: Re:How about more variety? (Score 1) 72

by Zemrec (#27267147) Attached to: <em>Mass Effect 2</em> Announced For Early 2010

The landing and Mako driving parts always reminded me of Star Control 2 and driving around searching for minerals and biological samples and such. God I loved that game! I wish they'd make something similiar with Mass Effect.

How about instead of buying your gear and upgrades, you only got the blueprints, and you needed to gather the raw materials on the planets you land on? That'd give me incentive to explore, and there'd be more valuable or rare materials on the dangerous worlds.

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