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Comment Re: Humerous?` (Score 1) 270 270

For one thing, ignoring the whole context of his tweet, turning an oxygen light on is highly unlikely to cause any fear? The reaction to that happening would be a message from the pilot stating "We are having a technical malfunction with our oxygen light system, please ignore".

Comment Re:You don't say... (Score 2) 606 606

That's not at all hate speech. Hate speech requires there to be a specific target. As well, I don't agree with your statement that no-one who says that believes it. The individuals who do believe that the Holocaust was a hoax may be disturbed, but they definitely do exist. True radicalism (as Neo-Nazi's and other Holocaust deniers tend to be), necessitates ardent belief. In the case of Antisemitism many feel such hatred and fear that they can convince themselves of beliefs or ideas that a normal person would consider completely irrational.

Comment Is this Clickbait? (Score 1) 255 255

Far too often I've been seeing asinine articles written about arbitrary asides and I've come to the conclusion that editors only post these meaningless, incomprehensible, rants because of the amount of discussion (in this case, complaints) they generate.

No one with half a brain would think these ideas are sound. In fact, they read like a Buzzfeed article. 5 insane tricks to troll SlashDot! 1 way to make your audience hate you (and comment more!).

Can anyone think of a reason why these tirades get posted, other than to generate false outrage?

Comment Re:flame away, but... (Score 1) 516 516

It isn't that Windows 8 in general is terrible, it's that the UI is horrendous. Things that I used to be able to do by clicking a button now require me to stop my workflow and load a full page "Metro". Yes there are workarounds and once you do so, Windows 8 is very good.

Comment Re:Ramifications (Score 2) 334 334

She gave him consent to take them. Her consent is only needed for that single instance, as once those photos are taken, he owns them. She's essentially claiming property rights on something he owns (in this case, intellectual property). Just because it involves her being naked, does not change that fact. As long as the photos stay private, they should be his to do with as he pleases.

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