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Comment: Re:Ramifications (Score 2) 334

She gave him consent to take them. Her consent is only needed for that single instance, as once those photos are taken, he owns them. She's essentially claiming property rights on something he owns (in this case, intellectual property). Just because it involves her being naked, does not change that fact. As long as the photos stay private, they should be his to do with as he pleases.

Comment: Re:Google glasses (Score 1) 473

That's actually incorrect. On public property, in the USA, people have an unabated right to record, regardless of permission. Obviously there are exceptions, such as shoving a camera in your face, stalking, etc, however I can record you in public as much as I like within reasonable limits, even with your expressed desire that I stop. What I can do with that footage is however, more limited.

Comment: Re:Ah, central planning. (Score 1) 611

by Zelucifer (#39066959) Attached to: Aderall Or Nothing: Anatomy of the Great Amphetamine Drought

There's a different between being Hyperactive and being uncontrollably hyperactive. A normal child can sit still, while a child with ADHD is physically incapable of such an action. If you had done more than cursory reading on the subject, it is immediately evident that there is a difference in degree.

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