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Comment: Re:Idiot defenders of the status quo (Score 1) 1819

by Zed2K (#20657325) Attached to: University of Florida Student Tasered At Political Rally
Except they didn't give him a chance to leave on his own. The organizers cut his mike and then boom he has goons trying to pick him up and carry him off. Constantly he says that he will leave just let him leave but they never once give him a chance. It goes from force to piling on with numerous rent-a-cops to taser. This kid needs to get a lawyer and defend his rights which were clearly violated.

What is the point of a Q/A session with a politician if the only questions allowed are just like everything else that they answer? That is not called a debate, thats a press conference. No wonder people don't vote and are totally fed up with all our officials.

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