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Comment Re:Hey Slashdot: you're not helping (Score 1) 86

> I am a registered Planethunter

I know what a "Plane" is, but how do you Thunt?

Seriously though, your post has good info.

And here I was thinking that Planethunter is a mixture of words "Plan" and "ethunter"...if I didn't read your post, I would remain ignorant for the rest of my life.

Comment Relevant? (Score 1) 637

If you place a frog in a hot water, it will immediately jump out. But if you place it in cold water and slowly raise the temperature, the frog will end up boiled.
Apparently it isn't much different with humans. And I'm not talking just about global warming, this is also how we're losing our freedoms.

Comment Re:Who are you? I'm bat- er, ANON! (Score 1) 413

And imagine someone beating your skull in with a 2x4 while you were getting into your car in which you were going to get into a fatal 18 car pileup on the highway, causing something that would still happen less than an hour later.

Assuming I was getting into my car with the purpose of injuring or killing myself? I don't see a difference either. Furthermore, if my plan involved colliding with other cars and endangering lives of others then the person beating my skull should be applauded (and if not, they still save some property and prevent environmental damage).

But your argument didn't seem to come with such preconditions, Mr. Strawman.

Comment Re:Who are you? I'm bat- er, ANON! (Score 1) 413

Well I agree with you that the problem lies in the legal definition, but laws declaring what's legal or illegal also shape people's perception. Woman deciding to perform an abortion isn't doing anything illegal and is not a story that you'll hear on the news, but now imagine media and people's reaction if someone kicked the very same woman in the guts while she was on her way to the abortion clinic, causing something that would still happen less than an hour later.

We've had enough stories about teachers who had (totally consensual) sex with her student, yet the media and the authorities were screaming "sex abuse" just because the so-called victim wasn't 18...back in my high-school days we could only dream about our sexy teacher giving us a blowjob.

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