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Comment: lost+found (Score 1) 772

by Zarluk (#37078344) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Am I Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages?

Well, I wouldn't say you're too old to learn, but it only depends on you.

I've been programming the last 25 years of my life and as I'm reaching 55, and after starting with the Z80 Assembler and Pascal, continued with C for 10 years and for another 12 with Java + SQL, I'm now learning Python :D

I think the real question is: "Do you really want to learn another language?"

Comment: Re:Wild West Internet will be gone (Score 1) 703

by Zarluk (#31478194) Attached to: Obama Backs MPAA, RIAA, and ACTA

The RIAA's laws protect the indie artist FROM the RIAA more so than it protects the RIAA itself.

About indie artists, let me quote Frank Zappa, in a live performance of 'Tities and Beers':
"Don't talk to me about hell. I Know that, I've been there... remember I signed for United Artists for 8 fucking years!"

What indie artists are you talking about? Madonna?

Comment: Re:drugs are bad, mmkay? (Score 1) 147

by Zarluk (#31313516) Attached to: Open Gov Tracker Reveals Best US Open Government Ideas

Probably because it takes more then 30% of the people to elect a representative (...)

Does it really? Last time I've read something about it, only half of the americans used to vote, so you would only need 25% + 1 of citizens approval to get elected :-S

As a matter of fact, it's similar in other "democratic" countries... so it only takes about 30% of votes to rule a country with a majority in the parliament :(

Comment: Re:The MS patent does not affect ODF. (Score 1) 146

by Zarluk (#29117943) Attached to: i4i Says OpenOffice Does Not Infringe Like MS Word

Actually, the patents will apply most everywhere in Europe.

No, they won't. EC doesn't recognize software patents :D

Under the EPC, and in particular its Article 52, "programs for computer" are not regarded as inventions for the purpose of granting European patents (

Comment: Re:They hit the nail on the head (Score 1) 241

by Zarluk (#28237647) Attached to: The Pirates Will Always Win, Says UK ISP

big productions are done for.

No problem, here. Most of then aren't worth the time I spent viewing them... still, I remember several "low cost" productions that, most likelly, will stay in the history of cinema for many long years: "Easy Ryder", in the US, and most of the european cinema between 1950 and 1980 (Arrabal, Bunuel, Fellini, Pasolini, Polanski, and so may others).

I'm sure there will be more great "low budget" movies done in the USA... I just failed to remember them :(

They will be dependant not on their skill but on their patronage.

You mean: "They will be dependant on their skill and not on their patronage", don't you?

As far as I understand, for several decades, the real artists have been totally screwed by the major labels. Here are two examples:

Frank Zappa:
I'll prove to you that I'm bad enough to go to hell
Because I have been through it!
I have seen it!
It has happened to me!
Remember, I was signed with Warner Brothers for eight fuckin' years!!!
(in "Tities an Beers")

Sex Pistols:"Fuck EMI" (in "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle")

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