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Comment: Finally (Score 1) 345 345

As has been said Google did have something similar before and got rid of it unfortunately. Yes, this definitely needs to be ported for FF. It almost makes me want to try Chrome just so I can have the satisfaction of getting rid of experts exchange, driver sites, be the first to review this sites, get a free virus scan sites, blog sites and on and on and on.
Yes, it will be a long list for me and may take a while to complete it but eventually I'll be able to search without nonsense filling the first ten pages.

Comment: Facial mask? (Score 1) 86 86

Me:"Yes, I'd like a mars bar
Vendy:"Perhaps you should have a facial mask".
Me:"Why should I? My Mum says I'm a as handsome as a prince!"
Vendy:"All mothers say that, to avoid hurting your feelings ugly".
Me:*Bursts into tears*
Me:"Allright I'll take a facial mask, a razor, a box of tampons, and a coke"

Comment: Bye Microsoft office, Hello Open Office (Score 5, Interesting) 233 233

My computer like a few came with MSO pre-installed. I didn't mind the initial legit check (I still have the licence key) and subsequent download of updates. It's when a few months later it asked, nay, demanded to check again. Later I opened a document and it asked again, and again, and again so on and so forth. An e-mail natter back and forth with someone whose spelling could be better at Microsoft help got me nowhere. "Have you entered the correct licence key?" "Have you un-installed and re-installed, then re-entered the licence key?" There must be something better I thought. So I gave Open Office a try. A free office program? It must be a bit naff, full of bugs I thought. Well I was surprised, I've had no problems with it and it covers all my needs. I haven't looked back since.

The early bird who catches the worm works for someone who comes in late and owns the worm farm. -- Travis McGee