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Comment Rudyard Kipling, "Gods of the Copybook Headings" (Score 1) 1291

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins

When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,

As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,

The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

Comment Re:Oy Vey! (Score 1) 410

They (reddit) are capitulating to their (the triggered, offended, mind-raped weaklings') remorseless public and private pressure in the hopes that it'll go away. Hint - it won't. All the sub-reddits dedicated to lying about how reddit is a disgusting racist sexist patriarchal shithole are still there, and they're still howling for blood. Appeasing thought-policing thugs never works.

Comment Re:Oy Vey! (Score 1) 410

That's funny, if this were really about advertisement (it isn't), I'd think the inevitable horde of comments taking a giant dump on the slightest suspicion of corporate shilling would be higher on their list than political opinions the radical left takes emotional exception to.

It's a political play for power, pure and simple. They can't win the argument, so their natural response is to shut it down.

Comment Re:Oy Vey! (Score 1) 410

I don't really understand how "reddit can do what the fuck they want, quit whining" is a left wing issue. If anything, corporate freedom is a right wing thing.

It's the hyperleftist thought police that's forcing Reddit to shut down things that trigger them, though - which, for the most part, includes anything that's even slightly to the right of them on the political spectrum. They're working their way down the list, the only way this ends is they're either told to fuck off or the purges continue until they eat themselves.

Comment Re:Will humans or Mars abide by the law on Earth? (Score 2) 99

Because it's very unlikely the first expeditions will be completely independent of Earth - they're likely to rely on continued support for survival, much like the ISS needs resupply ships. Closed-loop life support probably won't be solved before we get to Mars.

Submission Web browser vendors announce WebAssembly: bytecode for the web

NotInHere writes: The vendors of WebKit, Chromium, Edge, and Firefox announced their united effort to create a binary execution format for the world wide web. Like the previous projects pnacl and asm.js, WebAssembly features near-native performance, but without the vague specification pnacl had, or the space-consuming asm.js format, which had a 20x parsing overhead compared to a bytecode format (now arrays can be used instead of lookup maps, and no heavy decompression step). Besides wider adoption as its plugin-less, and an open specification, the main advantage of this project over plugin based solutions like java applets has been characterized by Mozilla's Luke Wagner as:

[T]he API surface area is that of the Web platform (e.g., WebGL for graphics) and thus WebAssembly use cases will contribute to driving forward the whole Web platform.

The inventor of javascript, Brendan Eich, writes in his blog entry covering WebAssembly about the polyfill plans:

It’s crucial that wasm and asm[.js] stay equivalent for a decent interval, to support polyfilling of wasm support via JS. This remains crucial even as JS and asm.js evolve to sprout shared memory threads and SIMD support.

He further writes:

Yes, we are aiming to develop the Web’s polyglot-programming-language object-file format. [...] wasm should relieve JS from having to serve two masters [FAQ entry here].

Most likely due to Mozilla's envolvement, WebAssembly even tries to address the "binary" barrier built up when dealing with WebAssembly on a client.

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