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Comment Same problem as iTunes. (Score 1) 384

I'm guessing if this is allowed, you should be able to sell iTunes Music as well.

The main problem I see with this concept isn't that games will get sold, the problem is that they will be given away. Fox example if you had 1000 games, they could be shared between 10000 people, just swapping back af forth whenever needed. It is unlikely that everyone plays this game at the same time, you will create a mentality that allows thinking like "Oh I can buy it somewhere else anyway" and in the end the profits will drop drastically.

Comment Too many options! (Score 1) 196

Problem with modern user interfaces is that they usually have waay too many buttons/options!

Every user interface is actually two user interfaces, one in the mind, and one on the screen. Every image on the screen first goes trough the "filter" in your brain, and this filter is different for everyone. But if you make a large part of the user interface a part of the "filter" in your mind, you also gain a better understanding of what you're doing. Would you think it would be better if while programming you had a button for "for loop" "while loop" "new method", a button for everything? Learning programmling like that would be very annoying.

It's a bit like the "command line" vs "user interface" debate. You trade a slightly higher learning curve for a better understanding and usage later on. If you're gonna build a WYSIWYG interface with all the capabilities of the normal interface, it'll probably end up more complicated than the normal interface.

Look, I'm not saying abstractions are bad, they're very important, but you have to put those abstractions in the mind of the user, not on a screen as buttons.

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Journal Journal: Ohio Sec'y of State Installs "Experimental" Patch on Voting Machines 1

Days before the US presidential election, the Ohio Secretary of State (Republican) directed that an "experimental patch" be installed on voting machines in 39 Ohio counties. Federal law makes it illegal to make any changes in hardware and software to election equipment without it being tested and certified by the Federal Elections Commission. [NOTE: if Brad Blog is not "notable" enough of a source for you, this story is being reported in many

Comment Firefox? More like Crashfox! (Score 1) 665

Firefox crashes CONSTANTLY on my pc! Sometimes I have 10 windows open with 10-20 tabs in each and then it crashes, it's so annoying. This is my main problem with Firefox, plus, I got like 20 extensions and one of them might be the culprit, but how is it my job to find out which one??. My second biggest problem is that youtube works very bad compared to chrome.

Chrome simply doesn't crash all the fucking time.

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